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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Sep 9, 2010 11:00 AM Flag

    More dilution and insiders knew today and sold the stock

    im always amazed at these chartists .
    they talk as if the entire market is a bar chart.
    by now they should be the richest people on the planet.
    oh what they arent.
    if the black box crowd cratered and burned these guys do also.
    its like the guys who try to count cards at the casinos with the casinos using 8decks.
    its amazing the language they use.
    these bands have been around for years and i had a good friend who used them and stochasits as a religion.
    did it for years a bright guy never came out a head.
    now i know there can be a place for charts but this mumbo jumbo is no more then witch craft proceed at your own peril.
    its like picking pro football games against the spread.
    over time u must lose to many variables.
    if it is this simple everyone would be rich.
    good investing