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  • jeepcreep111 jeepcreep111 Oct 3, 2011 11:11 AM Flag

    beefstu57 is market contrarian indicator

    Hey folks ...we got a live one here. Apparently this dividend chasing idiot thinks he can go out and blindly buy the highest dividend paying stock he can find and expect to live happily ever after. What a dumpkin. What we really got here is a contrarian indicator. We should closely monitor his actions, ie ; if he's buying, we should be shorting; if he's bad mouthing, we should be buying. He currently hates NRGY and SCCO, two current high dividend payers that he has been riding down for the last two months. Actually, these two look interesting now after they're recent swoons.
    Dear beefstu, what is on your radar. What other stocks do you really like or dislike now. What other losers are you sitting on? We feel your pain and we want to feel our gain !!!!