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  • cactusjacker1 cactusjacker1 Dec 19, 2011 11:34 PM Flag

    What "insiders" may be betting on-

    As far as I am concerned, The following is just "Hearsay"

    "Marcellus Shale" is the next big ticket for this company.

    Taking a look at the 2010 annual report and one soon finds that this company is sitting pretty, with a good portion of its natural gas storage located in and on one of the biggest, almost untapped natural gas formations in the Northeastern U.S.

    One of this company's primary concerns would be known as the "Utica Shale Fomation"

    Also previously unknown to most of this company's unit holders is certain changes, easing the regulations that govern how and who is going to drill this area.

    In short, drilling in this area will increase from 3000 wells drilled over the past three years to many thousands planned in the upcomming 5 years. Natural gas prices could and will act as a determiner to the actual number of wells drilled.

    One would also pay attention to the multibillion-dollar "Shell Oil Company Cracker Plant" that Ohio, West virginia, and Pennsylvania are competing to land. The boy's at Shell are expected to announce the decision sometime in January. Some would guess that some insiders already are in the know and are buying certain companys big......

    One would like to have a look a what Kathryn Klaber, President of the Marcellus Shale Coalition has been putting in her portfolio....I personally would bet that "NRGY" is a major player.(research this person if you can)

    The above is just some thoughts and conjecture from and old man.

    That's all

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