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  • jill5037 jill5037 Jan 17, 2012 2:12 PM Flag

    for FF sake

    I don't get it. I have 7,000 shares cost basis of 24.52 a dividend cut and I am screwed. That is my only concern is there a Fuc**** dividned cut coming

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    • If your basis is $24.52, then you bought within the last year. NRGY's troubles have been thoroughly discussed on this and other boards, so I'm a little puzzled why you should be so clueless about the performance of this stock. 1: Low and falling natural gas prices are pressuring the price of propane. 2: Retail propane is a clycical industry in that it is used in the winter months and right now the weather is warmer than usual. 3: Retail propane is no longer a growth industry.

      Investors who ignore those facts are surprised when the stock performs badly. Do your homework before getting your panties in a twist.

      One final word: 7000 shares is not a casual investment. If you spent $171,640 on NRGY and think you're screwed if you suffer a distribution cut, you've got more problems than NRGY going south. Perhaps a bond fund would be better suited to your temperament.