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  • elle_cid99 elle_cid99 Jan 27, 2012 3:05 PM Flag

    seen this before

    Where is electric low? Maybe I could move there.

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    • In States that have deregulated ( I doubt a single NE state has, too many elected Democrats ) and electricity is generated by plants running on Nat Gas, electric rates are cheap right now.

      So what though? A user of propane has a high barrier to convert to electric or gas heat, if its available and if its really cheaper.

      The problem for NRGY is the very mild winter means less propane use, and that they are paying out more in dividends than they are making. Does not mean NRGY is going out of business or that all winters will be like this one.

      If there was not risk, it would pay like a Treasury security, but at this level there is a hell of a return with pretty limited further downside.

    • paying 7.8 kwh in tx. mother inlaw has propane cost 264 last month my electric cost 107 do the math