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  • derwood_kohfer derwood_kohfer Feb 3, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    I got out today with a trailing stop loss

    So what do you call the 25% sell-off that already happened in the shares when NRGY announced that the distribution was going down after this one? While there may be some sell below the ex-dist price, it's not at all like anybody who held for the dist was in the dark about the altogether likelihood of it being reduced going forward. Why would there be another whole round of panic selling a second time on the same issue as 1 week ago? Management just went over their company strategy and the details in the numbers, and the market reacted rather decently, considering the troughing nature of the business presently. Today is a wash at best but I'm not sure I see the reason for an inevitable sell-off to 14 or whatever.

    And you do know that NRGM is 75% owned by NRGY? GLTY too, but imho only with a hard market leg down or even worse industry related news does it continue down another 20%. The distribution issue is baked in and next week this thing should be available to get a bounce beyond it. Remember, this one is already way way out of favor and been punished accordingly. Maybe it does get worse but that'd have to be pretty bad.