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  • mikemclaug Jul 2, 2012 1:33 PM Flag

    I am looking for yield, would this be a good pick?

    NRGY is an unknown right now-
    Yes the sale of its propane (problem division) will PROBABLY be very positive BUT whats left is an unknown. I do own a little BUT there are better more solid plays ETP, EPD etc etc. The key to ALL BUYS- wait for market corrections so you are paying lower prices.

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    • Look at DCIX paying around 13.50%

      How about AGNC paying around 15%.

      However,if you buy it just take the cash, never reinvest your dividends in a REIT .Also ,I would sell it if they reduce their dividend or the stock price started going down,say $5 below my buy price.Or whatever ,lost you are willing to take.

      I panicked and sold AGNC when they cut their dividend.As I have lost a lot of money reinvesting and holding onto NFI and SFI.

      I also have NRGY and it has been good to me over the years.I think it will be good again with the pipelines.

      SPH paying 8.30%

      AGNC and MCGC, paying over 12%,both you would have to keep an eye on.

      Well best of luck to you

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      • "I also have NRGY and it has been good to me over the years."


        Exactly two years ago, August 2, 2010, NRGY share price was $43.37. You call that being good to you?

      • mikemclaug Jul 2, 2012 4:02 PM Flag

        DCIX has been paying less than a year- I would suggest strong companies with good dividend histor; there are hundreds. Its always a gamble with small companies without any earnings or dividend history. Dividend investing isn't supposed to be a gamble- Its close to a sure thing. I currently own 35 dividend paying companies; average yield approx. 6%. The key- buy them during market corrections at or near yearly low prices.