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  • palmspringscopper palmspringscopper Oct 27, 2012 7:06 PM Flag

    Nov. Distribution Cut

    If you owned 150 shs. NRGY your old div.@ 1.50 = $225.....You also recevied 16 shs. of SPH with a div. @3.41 = $55 approx. The new NRGY div is 1.16 = $174 + SPH div $55 =$229.00 almost $4 more than when you started. Don't know where you got the .09 cents??

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    • All I know is that I made a killing in the deal!!! And I sold my shares of SPH as is went up, right before it dipped again. I still think NG and Oil are good for long term, just look at history, as it repeats itself, If everyone had bought on past dips in the industry, there'd be a whole lot more welathy people out there. I remember all the doom and gloom each time, didn't get in and lost out big time. Again..... history always repeats itself.... so buy low and be patient!

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    • You're right, I was figuring SPH for the quarter not the yr. so 1.16 + .36 = 1.52.