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  • gladpick gladpick Jan 5, 2012 2:28 PM Flag


    "Even a 1.5 share plus 50c would be ok with me "

    It ain't ok with me. That would make it around a $1.40+ offer for a company that has over $6 cash per share. You can bet your last dollar that majority of minority shareholders will not go along with such an offer. such offer does not even cover half of my purchase price. I voted for Wu's last offer because it was worth a lot more than it is now.

    You may say things are different now. Well, that is true but still unless there is a reasonable offer most minority holders will hold on to their shares because unlike those who bought within the past year, most minority holders have been around a lot longer and thus their average cost is a lot higher.

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    • Using 1st half 2011 figures on a 1.5 share 50c buyout, the post execution value of XING shares would be as folows:

      XING Cash $424M less $69M loan less $13M (50c) = $342M.
      XING Equity = $658M
      XING Shares out = 140M

      XING Cash/shr = $2.44
      XING Book/shr = $4.70

    • It is all in the way that you look at it. Lucent was against the last offer as was Shah Capital. Greed and ignorance. They assumed Wu would bargain. They figured he wouldn't run both companies into the ground.

      I wouldn't sell for 1.40 a share either if I was you. As soon as the offer is made by Wu for 1.5/50 or such, the price of XING will go up to $2 at least. More like $3. That gives you at least $5 a share for your QXM. Do we want to make a deal or not?

      Shah Capital could always try to horsetrade for a little more but WuSe may balk. We are still talking about an imaginary offer. WuSe can still make no offer and bleed both companies dry. My opinion.