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  • buyrightkid buyrightkid Feb 16, 2007 12:56 PM Flag

    Wonder why Dahlberg is selling

    He dumped a lot of shares at $18. That makes me pretty nervous on this thinlky traded stock.

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    • Don't be afraid!

      First of all, I don't believe Dahlberg is much interested in WINA. WINA fired him right before they brought on Morgan. There's no love lost there.

      Second, he's chairman of Famous Daves (DAVE), they are doing very, very well. Now, he can buy lots of DAVE stock.

      Third, I belive that in MN, there's no treasury stock. So, that mean those 50,000 shares are retired and we all get a bigger piece of the pie in return. At $18/share, I think that's cheap!

      Don't worry, be happy!

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      • I never knew about this company until I saw it on the new lows list today and looked it up in Yahoo finance. Here's my quick take on it:
        The core business of selling used merchandise in retail stores has been around for many years, and maybe this company has a good handle on how to do this, BUT it seems to be up against the fundamental change which the internet is bringing to this model. Craig's List, E-Bay, etc., all facilitate this kind of commerce, so the retail store model seems to be swimming against this tide.
        I didn't look at the financials too closely, but I think I saw that this wasn't a good growth situation in revenues and earnings (may not remember this well), but I do remember that the PE looked very high around 40? for that growth situation.
        And the stock price chart looks like death. If you just looked at the chart, and knew nothing else about the company, it looks like a good short sale.
        So for any fans of the stock who are reading this, what am I missing?

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