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  • pvandesype pvandesype Sep 3, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    Anybody out there.

    I am interested in having a conversation about Basset which I think is greatly undervalued. Curreny p/e of 7.07 and Div.1.74%. I will check back often.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • 1989woo Oct 23, 2013 1:28 AM Flag

      Wow....this board is not active at all LOL. Maybe it is a great opportunity to buy greatly undervalued company. I think not many people aware of existence of this company.

    • To me it seems normal that the company isn't covered. It is a SMALL company, and it is in an industry that has been battered and bruised. Which is why I like it by the way. Its survived the worst of it.

      It is totally down to management to get this one right. They either pull it off, or they muddle along forever. BUT, I don't think drumming up stock interest is what management needs to do to get it right. They need to run a great business, increase earnings every year, manage their costs, outperform the competition, ETC. The stock price will go up if they do that.

      They disappointed this week, which is fine if they are actually buying shares again, but I bet they aren't. This last quarter it looked like they repurchased a little over 2 million, but then reissued about half of that. Not exactly what I'm looking to see.

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      • I do agree with this being a good real estate play. It's an economic recovery play, which has not really happened yet. For furniture sellers to do well, the economy has to be purring, and it isn#$%$ just kind of crawling forward at this point, which is fine. I am curious about the 28 million in cash that went into short term investments this quarter. Curious how long it'll stay there, curious what its ultimate use will be. Will it just continue to be #$%$ away or will the company eventually dispense some of that to shareholders again?

      • Im sorry, those numbers at the end are wrong. Ignore them.

    • buy it.... the real estate market will be greater in next few months especially next Spring go long....14.50 was a gift...the pullback was cuased by the thinking that interest rates higher will kill real estate recovery not true...JMHO

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