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  • mickeyjr.5150 mickeyjr.5150 Jul 10, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    This Pop in price should be the time to unload. These fills are being meet with short share. OVER Valued.

    FDO is a fine Co. but much to over valued and this pump is allowing the big money to exit getting in the dumb money. Please look at the value turnaround story.RAD 2.77 PE 9 and Price to sales .09 and 3 consecutive beats by double streets expectation. S&P price target $ 3.50 13 Analyst Price target $ 5.50 point and figure Price target $ 7.25. Still 1/10 Peers pricing.

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    • Hey Mickey do you think these guys at PVHO will make anything of there contract with RAD? PVHO at .05 is this a good gamble? for plenty of up side PVHO .05 News August 15 2013 8 K major contract with RAD
      PVHO .05 will provide RAD 4600 stores with Kiosks at $ 1500 per store per month do the math Currently PVHO rev. 500k per yr. 4600 Stores X $ 1500 rev per store X 12 months = $ 82 Million.

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    • EXCUSE me, does RAD have it's own board? Nobody posts there? Need someone to talk to about RAD because nobody on the RAD board knows how to chat? So, should we all SELL, SELL, SELL our FDO and BUY. BUY, BUY, Rad? Uh, why? Oh, because you did. Ok, get them to pay their bills and I will look at them.

    • As RAD beats SSS figures and beats earnings the stock price will continue upward. Price target Dec. 2013 $ 5.50 and Dec 2014 $ 8t
      Better YOY Earning support these targets and still lable RAD very undervalued. earning target Feb 2013 .13 Actual Feb 2014 .18 est.and Feb 2015 .26 est.
      Remember second half of the year RAD does better.
      Shorts are many yr lows 27mil. Institutional holding multi yr. High 57%
      this will continue.
      RAD valuations and projections of profits make it a great target. The price targets I've lay out are based on profits from analyst est. Study the past earnings track record from the analyst and you will find the analyst have been on avg. 40% off on the low side. As mentioned above RAD investors could see the short term price target of $ 5.50 before Dec 2013 and $ 8 before Dec. 2014. Another fact to support this is the Point and Figure chart with a price target of $ 8.50

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great day for FDO. The valuation my get ahead of themselves be careful. RAD still has great valuations

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