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  • market_kings market_kings Nov 20, 2001 7:55 PM Flag

    So sorry to post ...

    the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

    First off, my dear ball licqer, if you check of my postings 2 days ago, you�d realize I sold out of my ENE position back then. Secondly, it is true PVN is down about 10% today but you failed to mention the 17% rise yesterday. I�m still very bullish, very long and very much in the black on PVN.

    Now, as for SABA, if you believe all this mumbo jumbo on this board, keep long 'till you've made full circle (back to $2). Me...I have another $50K with Short SABA written all over it. This stock will soon disappoint (like a date with a girl during that time of the month). Technically, SABA is due for a 25% - 50% retrenchment from these levels so don�t think any of this is making me nervous. If the market revolved around logic, everyone would be rich. This is merely greed and chasing bad stocks with good money. Just wait and see.

    Forever your King.

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    • Market Kings-

      You sound dumb and dumber each day. Yes, even i was negative on SABA until it hit $3 and with the news article on 10-31-01 i knew that e-learning was back in style again but you my friend are not making yourself look anything but a true idiot by remaining short on this stock. It'll move higher and yes one day will be a good short again but if you never covered up until now than i must say you're screwed. I'm long DCNT and AKLM. I think you're recent picks are pretty flaky too. THe more you post the less credible you are. Hopefully no one is taking their investment advice from you. MIZ.

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      • Actually, every single one of my picks have moved up big AFTER my recommendation. Check out my posts Clown.
        So you're long DCNT and AKLM. Nice to know you're so well diversified. You're just another silly tech "daytrader/long term investor when I get stuck" dude that makes money until nasdaq decides to give you a swift kick in the ass and then u lose all your gains and then some.
        You should name yourself Mar2000 because you haven't learned anything since naz 5000.
        I do this all day long sonny boy and if you think saba is going a different company now than it was 4 weeks ago then you must live on Fantasy Island. Say hi to tatu for me. Remember..."the plane bosth...the plane"

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