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  • nw_quadrantus nw_quadrantus Jul 30, 2002 2:09 PM Flag

    Question for the board.

    Can anyone (seriously) give me a head's up as to the intelligent posters on this board? I'm interested in discussing the stock, but (as you can see, I'm sure) most of the ids on this board are 'tainted'.

    As for intitutions moving in, I'm not so sure. Analysts are still expecting the other shoe to drop, and SABA (from a balance sheet perspective) may not be ready for mass introduction of institutional funds.

    Then again, I could be wrong. And I'm sure I'll get flamed for posting without calling anyone names.

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    • Hey Moron, Bush is responsible, said so himself ;)

    • Thanks so much for this valuable reply, reminds me of ball_liquor and we know what I think of that Moron. Management has always been above board and has done a great job getting the company to current status.

      From what I have heard it is time to replace the VP of engineering. He's not respected, nor does he have the backbone needed to drive the technology efforts that will make this company unbeatable.

    • That's like blaming Bush for the recession.

      Groncho, you should take your well thought out questions (no tongue in cheek) and call Greg Klaben. It would be terribly efficient in that you could get all of your points made and questions answered. Then, you could come back to the board and share. Because, at the end of the day, none of us works there.

    • Yr point is correct and SABA does get paid in advance.

      However it only explains a net change in CFO of 5M$ for the periods I am referring to (FY00 and FY01). Not enough to justify the deterioration in CFO that, in my opinion, reflects poor mgmt.

    • That's true. Weren't you comparing revenues to CFO in your original post? If so, CFO's beginning number is Net Profit, which as you know is only the recognized portion of revenue for that quarter. As this number can vary dramatically from the cash received in that quarter, I wondered if you had taken that into account in your analysis.

      Hopefully I didn't jsut misinterpret your original post.

    • sswain,

      I am afraid I did not understand your point.

      If they receive cash in advance (for work in 2003), CFO should look better than revenues (which are recognized as work is completed). Cash should also appear in the balance sheet showing an increase in assets. SABA BS shows a decrease in assets.


    • Regarding your CFO perspective. Doesn't the fact that they are deferring a helthy portion of each sale to be compliant with GAAP rules play a role in the disparity between Revenues and CFO?

      I will admit that I do not know how their deferral accounting is structured. However, I do know that they recieve the cash for the sale long before they recognize the revenue. At least that has been the case in past quarters.

    • Ref, Yr question ref how long I would request a company before it turns Earnings and/or CF positive,

      My answer would be that it depends very much on the type of company, how much capital intensive it is, growth rate, etc.


      SABA, had a good growth in revenues from almost nothing in FY98 to 1.9M in FY99; 18M in FY00 and 53M in FY01 before stagnating at 54.6M in FY02:

      Do you think that the 2700% growth it experienced between 99 and 01 should not be enough to, at least, request the company to become CFO (Cash Flow from Operations) positive? This is a software company, thus I would expect it not to have high fixed costs and, on the contrary, should have wonderfully benefited from such growth.

      On the contrary, the operating loss went from -10.9M to -65.5M on that period. (and CFO even worst from -7.8M to -43.4M).

      SABA had revenues for 53M$ in its 4th year and its operations burned cash for 43M$.

      On the contrary, to me it is an indication of poor management (pricing its products too low, putting in place a structure that is too big compare to the real biz, etc.)

      As an investor of a software startup that had such a growth rate, it would be totally unacceptable to see, 5 years later, my capital still being eaten away (remember, this industry should be characterized by a very high operating profits as entry barriers are relatively low!)

      Do they need to have revenues of 1B$ and 40,000 employees before showing a profit? Shouldn't this company be already self-financing its growth (or at least part of it)?

    • Why the sudden interest in SABA?

      "I would like to discuss this with the intelligent posters"
      "How can I find out more information?"

      bla bla bla kingz you stupid shit box.


    • Sure, now you're suddenly interested in SABA.

      Message for you at the SHW board kingz:

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