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  • joe_rnillionaire joe_rnillionaire Jan 21, 2003 10:13 AM Flag


    Great company. Been useing there engine's

    for the best of 30 years or more. Won't cut my

    lawn without one bolted on top.

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    • Bliss,

      Thanks for your service.
      I feel the same way. When I see the video of those lads in special ops over in Afghanistan hunting down the Al Qaeda vermin, I notice that they all have a smile on their faces. I'm envious, but too old as well. There's more right now in Iraq doing recon.

      Hell though, I hope you're kidding! You wouldn't want to go to SFO. That's the port of entry when you enter the country from the Pacific. That's where all the GI's that served in 'Nam came back through when their tour was done, so that they could have the privilege of being called a "baby killer" by some drugged out left wing hippy moron, with poor personal hygiene, selling fucking flowers at the airport.

      Not much has changed there. The worst of the lot got jobs at Berkeley, where they have been able to turn out a new crop of left wing morons each year ever since. Then of course there's the crop of peterpuffers there. More per square foot than almost anywhere.
      Do yourself a favor and stay on the right coast.

      Semper Fi.


    • I wish I could go fight this war but I'm too old now. Do you think San Francisco has enough room for another Marine?

    • Marines hey?? Did you know Sanfrancisco is looking for a few good men? Haven't they drafted your ass yet or were you among the "don't ask don't tell crowd?"? Go to Iraq and make your country proud.

    • Listen ass licker...

      By what you wrote reveals to us all that you are the one who "really" works for Saba and dumped all their pennies and ill-educated time into a worthless company. If I worked there... that would obviously allow me to know your identity. But guess what moron. If I did work for Saba I'd surely run into a loser like yourself and I would kick that shit eaten grin off yoru face... you'd say "please don't hurt me."

      I spent six years in the Marines anus child and could stretch your asshole over your head and sell you as a condom.

      How dare you accuse me of being an ex-employee! Because I noted the car: BMW. Big f$%#ing deal. We all know back on the East Coast you jackasses out there in the Silicon Valley drive those over priced pieces of shit. I also heard that San Francisco bears the highest repo rate of BMWs in the country. I bet one of them was yours. LOL! I'd be happy to send you the article you anus child.

      You are so pathetic you make my skin crawl. You probably have been working there for some time now and obviously got hired when the stock was on the rise. But now your admin-(vesting)-ass can't sell 'em. You be waiting on that stock to make you a rich man (or lady). Dream on PAL.

      I bet now... you are able to vest but your shares are worthless. That makes me laugh my ass off right now. That makes you worthless. Nothing but a dreamer. Nada-Zero. You probably own a BMW too and can hardly make the payments. I bet you bearly make your rent (with all your seven roommates) in Pacific Heights.

      Your writing ability also speaks volumes... Did you even make it out of high school? Or did you graduate from some low-income school in the mid-west? My guess is your GPA never made it over 2.4. You drank your way through college and gave kids wedges while the world was a passing you by.

      Now you are nothing but a loser working for a dot. bomb. Your anger is so lost pal. You are lame anus child. Get a real life and a real job. Not that you have revealed to the board that you WORK FOR SABA maybe you'll stop pumping up the stock and go walk to Geno's office and pump him in the ass!

      If someone like you really does work for Saba, GOD HELP US! The doomed for sure.

    • Your post says it all. More of a reason you worked there. You started posting a few days after the lay off. I know , I was there and I am still here but you are not. Actually I think I know who you are based on your writing. You were always a loser at work and away, they should have never hired your ass to begin with. Hahahahh , I got you big,,,,Now I know....The only thing you missed out on the car was the color (black) point on trying to undo your mistake, it's not microsoft word....what's done is done... next time may be you can mention austin Martin, rolls royce, Benz, Lexus, Range Rover, cadillac, Ferrari, Audi, Porshe, Lincoln, Gm, Ford, Suv's ... BUT NO it's BMW and guess what?? It sure is dumb ass idiot.. Hey burger king is hiring...That's what you're good for...Firing people like you makes me even more confident that this company is on the right track...

    • Just callin'em the way I see'em...those who've read my posts, know that by now.




    • You ignorant ass!!

      these engines were made for lawn work, cement

      mixers and low speed fun on go-carts...

      any dumb shit knows that except you, of course.


      YOU OWN POSTS.......



      DUMB HUMP.....

    • Hey... MORON (intwodeepnowwhat)... do you know how many executives drive BMWs? Do you think if I said: a Mercedes-Benz, you would have had the same reply? I think you would have� Maybe next time I should just say "luxury" or �generic� car. God, that was a stupid thing to say. And believe me anus child� I�m not an ex-employee of no one. I have a �real� job and also have a �real� life. You are the dumb ass sucker still holding onto worthless dreams and worthless stock. Damn you are stupid!

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