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  • specialistz11f specialistz11f Jun 6, 2007 4:56 PM Flag

    Special forces at work here

    Hi every 1 again, call me names if you will, but i have a strong reason to believe that there are forces at work to bring this stock price down within "reasonable" price before an offer or bid is made. Those forces i believe are seeking an equitable range in the current price in an attempt to make a good business offer.

    I checked the Saba company bulletin for news or information that would explain the decline, and came up with changes in the Qtrs Eps, no news about anything negative. Unless a whole bunch of portfolio managers just recently dumped the stock? They do this around this time of the

    Perhaps the news is still yet to come. However, i maintain my same old position. Call me a fool if you will. but i see this stock at 7s before earnings and 8s shortly thereafter.

    Dont tell me how well SUMS is not interested at all.
    Any worth while dialog on this chaps?


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    • Results being leaked is NOT the issue. I really do not think you have any idea how bad this is going to get.

      Don't forget that the Centra deal required 1.8M shares to pay for the transaction. How do you think the Centra shareholders are feeling this morning? The bottom is still a long way down. The rest of the story should come out later today and we will have another +1M shares traded.

    • Your theory was sound. But logic doesn't work with this stock.

    • i was clearly wrong in my bullish stand. EOM

    • What an absolute crock!

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      • Obviously someone at SABA communicated this disappointing performance well before today's announcement. "Smart money" has been selling shares for weeks now, in anticipation of this miss. This is truly a shame that the leadership at SABA lacks the professionalism and integrity to allow this sort of leak to occur. It is the only possible explanation for this stock going down so severely over the last several weeks. While on the subject of criticizing management, has Bobby ever considered the concept of UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER? SABA appears to like taking the opposite approach, which is not one that the market receives at all well.

        All of that being said, it appears to me that the recent price action and the pre-market indication is a severe over reaction. The fundamentals still appear to be strong for the business and building a broader On-Demand revenue base is in the long term best interest of the company and shareholders. With support at/near $5, this seems like a no-brainer to be buying when the market flushes it down this morning.



    • I guess Bobby and the analyst from Wedbush had a little "chat" after the Conference.

    • OK, so you don't want to hear about how SUMT is doing. How about According to thier website at they have now passed both SUMT and SABA combined in end-users!

    • Wedbush kept Saba at Buy but lowered the price target to $6.50

      That must be the reason for the selling of the last few days.

      One can only imagine the brilliant commentary.

    • I just got back from lunch to find this thing 20 cents lower on higher than average volume. I guess there are some folks who see this going to $5.10 again. I'm not sure if there is anything bad in the offing here relative to their earnings announcement, but it doesn't help one feel better sitting with this stock. It's below every possible moving average and should have trouble getting back up through the $6 level, which it tested repeatedly on the downside. If there is any bad news coming, this stock will go back on mothballs for a couple of quarters.

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      • Nice to see some chatter on the board, just not under the circumstances most of us would like to see. I for one can't support the conspirist theory. If a buy out was lined up, the stock should be moving up, not down. The fact that we are down the last few days on big volume is not encouraging. As noted, we are moving below all critical MAs on volume, which isn't good.

        If Q4 was a significant miss, I would suspect that SABA would have communicated it by now. So, not sure why we would be down so much, having been up at $7 a short time ago. Anyhow, hopefully it gets walked down to $5. That would present an outstanding buying opportunity. In the meantime, I will remain on the sidelines to see if the Makers will get us down near $5.



    • "what are your strong reasons?"

    • LMAO!!!! By God Specialistz you ARE a funny guy...

      Yeah, that's it. All the quarters of missed guidance, the 40 quarters in a row of unprofitability, the loss of their leading edge and uniqueness in the business world YEARS ago, the scandals of recycling old news when they didn't have any real good news, the 4 for 1 reverse split......yes you're right! I can see it all so clearly now. It's all been a very clever ruse to get the stock price to this point, so some successful, profitable software company can snatch up this uncut gem of a company at a bargain price....LOL.

      Sure...back up the truck......LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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