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  • holywallst holywallst May 9, 2011 4:35 PM Flag

    I am SHORTING in low $22s after hours

    Wish me luck people

    I am shorting the farm and the house on this after hours, but going SHORT SHORT SHORT

    I hope $22 is the very top and then we roll over back down tomorrow. Can that please happen as I think this has risen after hours for no particular reason. It cant possibly go higher than $22 now can it??

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    • HOLYWallST Roller, so far you're Rolling Bad" on your low 22s shorts!

      So far you're in the RED" already!

      Finished in the High" 22s.

      Tomorrow if the (SQUEEZE) sets in, it's a TIGHT SQUEEZE, A Boner, (YOU'RE HOMELESS).

      GOOD LUCK on the "STREETS".

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      • Why short at $22, sounds too low to me? Last quarter, Medisfast has horrible PR, stocked first drop due to NutriSystem bad news, then its delayed earnings with adjustments in prior earnings, further delay in announcement till last possible date and huge miss in earning, that's why the stock tanked. This quarter, earning was up, exceed expectation, why would the stock drop? How many people would sell at this point? ps: I first bought at $28, then averaged down. Held past $15, can't imagine it would go down to that level again.

      • If earnings keep increasing at 33% rate as in first qtr., they will make $1.80 for year and be a big growth stock. They seem to think some sales by coaches were delayed from 1st qtr to 2nd qtr.

        You short with no analysis provided.

    • I'm going to keep buying all the way up and anything near 22. Good luck

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      • This is a BULL Stock NOW.
        The stock is beating expectations.
        Do not get in the way.
        ( OF course MACRO ECONOMIC can kill the market,
        but the market is looking healthy right now)

        Be careful.
        If this thing experiences multiple expansion
        you'll be hurt bad. 1.44 X 16 is equal to $23.00

        To me, the worst is over and this thing is
        breaking out over the $20 support level
        ( Was a resistance level)

        What are you betting on.
        That the GAP will have to be closed.
        You are brave person.
        The RISK is against you
        becasue the company is beating estimates.

        Good Luck though

    • It will come down to $18 because the company did not make that much money. It failed china wall expectation.

27.02+0.32(+1.20%)Oct 2 4:02 PMEDT