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  • budicecream budicecream Dec 4, 2002 8:00 PM Flag

    Only One Reason For Tobacco to exist

    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes - Tobacco tax is a HUGE Windfall for Fed and State Governments.
    On one hand the government is a greedy partner - on the other hand the government says - you guys are naughty and must pay for all the damage you've created. Never mind the fact that the government has legitimized the sale of these killer products. The government is by far the biggest profiteer of all on the sale of tobacco. They get the biggest cut when a pack of cigarettes is sold - and then they turn around and bilk the manufacturer out of their "small cut" in court. Government gets two huge bites out of the proverbial tobacco apple. In the meantime the people they are suppossed to protect from public health hazards are the real victims in this mess. Any one care to debate this one?

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    • That's the problem; a lawyer-run government trying to save us from ourselves, from cradle to grave. Working class(and yes, the rich as well) are taxed to provide same standard of living for non-workers, resident-aliens and inner city gang-bangers. Then the same shylock attorneys push to sue corporate America as purveyors of gluttony,lung cancer and teenage malaise.

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      • I actually thought alcohol was next on the politically correct hit list after tobacco. I never imagined that the ambulance chasers would go to war for the fat in America. Depending on how you define obese the number of plaintiffs could be 100 million people just in America.

        Actually in Canada there was a lawsuit against a bar for not taking the care to make sure one of it customers did not drive home drunk! They may be liable for the damage the drunk driver caused.

        Tobacco will always exist obviously. Mankind has a penchant for paying money to harm himself. Cocaine and Esctasy are prime examples of that. If tobacco companies fold because of ridiculous lawsuits it will go underground. "Wholesalers" will link up with farmers that have a tobacco harvest in the middle of their corn fields. They will distribute to inner city retailers that will retail in the back of corner stores. We've been through before, remember, in Prohibition. This would all make such a great satire. We just need an author with the courage to do so.

    • I'm obviously from the other side of the spectrum from you. I don't believe in this liberal crap about victims of their own irresponsibility. Like the lawsuit against McDonalds because Americans are fat pigs. Stop eating it assholes!

      With that said I totally agree with you. Governments, Canadian or American, are complete hypocrites. Tobacco will NEVER be outlawed because it is a cash cow. Already province after province in Canada has had new budgets with no tax increase. They can't afford it politically. Instead they have raised tobacco taxed to meet budget shortfalls. Why? Because smokers are in the minority and therefore can't do anything about it. The same has or will happen in the states. God knows state budgets are abysmally way below estimates. Stupid morons shouldn't have banked on capital gains to line their coffers to begin with, but that's government for you.

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