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  • yinvestor yinvestor Mar 13, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    It looks like some big money are buying...

    This is a great news for this undervalued stock trading below its IPO price($10) and book value($10.63)!
    Between $8 - $10 would be a good collecting area.

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    • There was a lot going on last week from a lot of different aspects. Then the stock recovered and volume dried up. I blew out at 8.10 figuring that it was a false break above 8 for this reason. There just was no volume surge that should have occurred if it was going materially higher soon.

      I figure that REGI tries to pull back and then either flat lines for awhile or fades back to the 7.40 area with low volume action for a couple of weeks. These are the typical fast run up, shake the tree and see what falls moves before a good run hopefully begins. Cuts the stock overhead for a real move. But unless the market just keeps going higher, this is sorta we have to look forward to.

      Does anybody know if this is in any index yet? Usually not with IPO's. That will mean a good May-June period if it isn't as it should get added to at least one of the Russell's. Then any fund that is tracking will have to buy in. Early action may be starting early.

    • The float for this stock is very low, just 3M right now, but the good thing is, there are shorts.
      Keep collecting between $8 - $10, this stock has the potential to go to $20 in 1-2 years.

    • 10:20 am, around $868,000 one single buy...Looks like tutes or some really deep pockets....been thinking tutes are adding here for the last few days, this confirms big money is showing interest.

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