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  • yinvestor yinvestor Jul 30, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Wow!!! Nice report!!!

    Congratulations to everybody, longs and shorts.
    I am not very surprised but there are lots of highlights that I like.

    So basically, this report puts the company at a very healthy growing position which I like.
    I am already sick of predicting the stock price but I will hold it for long-term investment.

    As to the stock price target, go check the the price target from the analysts on Yahoo.
    I am tired of being called a pumper.

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    • I like the increasing cash level(near $100M like I had predicted before report) and increasing book value(near $13.50 now). The cash and book value will keep growing in the entire year of 2013 due to 2013 blender credits and sold inventory. I am expecting $150M cash(near $5 per share) and $14.50 book value at the end of the year.

      So after Q2 report, REGI has become a even safer investment with lower risk.
      The growth story is still going on which makes it attractive to institution buyers.
      The management will be focused on the growth story presenting to the investors on the investor meetings coming next month.

      As to the stock price, I will hold it to $20 level for now.
      Current EPS is $1.87 and currently the market is giving REGI a 10 P/E which makes it very possible to hit $18 in the coming few months or this year.

      After the report, it might still hit $13.00 - $13.50 since the shorts will fight to keep the stock price down to cover their 1.2M - 1.5M shares. But if it ever hits there, I will add more positions to it.

      The reasonable price for this stock right now should be between $15 - $18(it could be lower or higher in short -term). The analysts are giving 1 year target between $16 - $21.

    • sorry to have called you a pumper, but the number of posts and ebbulient positivity make you a pumper. Doesn't mean that it wasn't justified.

      Decent report but nothing fantastic IMHO. EPS at .62 was the estimate. I woul dhave liked to see a little higher. Revenue beat. gallons sold nice. ASP +3.0% is not that impressive. This will be become a political growth story.

      good luck to all.

      Sentiment: Buy

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