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  • yinvestor yinvestor Dec 24, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Buy some SYNM if you have some spare money

    Each SYNM share = 0.3809 REGI share and it's selling at $3.25 only = buying REGI at $8.53 per share.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Today SYNM is selling at $3.38 only = buying REGI at $8.87 per share.
      Huge discount comparing with REGI's current stock price $12!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Spare money ... now there's an interesting concept.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Interesting that the SYNM cry-babies like assuming:
      1. The SYNM management & Board of Directors all want to turn THEIR shares into.................nothing, and
      2. Tyson (8%), Fidelity, Federated & Black Rock all want to turn their SYNM Shares into........................nothing.

      But that's how it is with True Believers after their Dreams are Dashed......................
      and $h0rt$ when they sit immediately above a LARGE Open Gap they Believe must Cl0$e

      More Tear$ to fl0w when the arbs have $0aked-Up the Last Tax-L0$$ b0-z0.

      Oh Well.........................
      @ $3.17 SYNM = REGI @ $8.32: 70.67% of Current Price
      @ $3.00 SYNM = REGI @ $7.88: 67% of Current Price

      Sentiment: Buy

    • That assumes the transaction goes through with no "hiccups" for SYNM investors. If the price of REGI goes up too much, we get less than .3809 shares. If SYNM management screws up the closeout and doesn't have enough cash to cover "obligations", we get less than .3809 shares. Given SYNM management horrible track record, I seriously doubt we'll see the full per share amount. At this point, I'm just calculating how big of a hit I want to take before finally bailing out. Lost my shirt on this mess thanks to an inept management team, I have no confidence they can finish this already awful deal for SYNM shareholders.

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      • While no doubt you have lost your shirt, whether it was do to inept management or inept investing, e.g. taking at face value statements protected by the safe harbor provisions (sound familiar?) is, to me an open question. Well maybe it is not really that open a question as you apparently still believe this is an awful deal for SYNM shareholders, that belief can only rest on optimistic statements from an "inept" management. So inept investor, could be a shoe that fits you quite well . . . and how much value should be placed on opinions from such a source.

        I am willing to put my money on the competence of the outside advisors to SYNM's board and that they have done there job well, meaning that possibility of a substantial negative surprise is remote and SYNM shareholders will recieve $40m to $50m in value as indicated.


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