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    • LOL!

      I like that. I admit that I never thought of Affy as a support unit for a gient Perlegen.

      And I am sure you meant the Wal Mart crack as an insult, but do I need to remind you that WalMart is the largest company in America (did GE just pass them back recenlty??)? And that they have huge profits that have made about a dozen "owners" into billionaires? Doesn't seem so bad to me.

    • To be honest, I don't remember the name. I remember someone on this board posted the letter Illumina sent to the judge about this individual not being available to be deposed. And the reason was that Affy had suddenly hired him as a "consultant".

      This was the guy that evidenlty had quite a bit of knowledge about prior art that would be extremely damaging to Affy's patents. And I believe he also supposedly knew that Affy knew this (he was evidenlty at a number of the same conferences as the Affy folks where information on these technologies was presented long before any IP and thus shows Affy knew of the prior art that they did not cite in their patent applicaitons).

      As I am sure you know, if this is indeed found to be true, your case is over.

    • (1) By "win the case", I'm presuming you mean that ILMN is ultimately permitted to continue to sell its BeadArray. In that case, AFFX continues to increase yields of microarray production and perhaps eventually morphs into a support unit for a giant Perlegen.

      (2) The idea that any company might pay in excess of $1B for ILMN doesn't pass the smell test. The best ILMN can hope for is the opportunity to continue to be the Wal-mart of microarray companies.

    • My understanding is that, by the end of the Discovery period, ILMN had the opportunity to depose everyone on its list. If that's not correct, I need the name.

    • Affy,

      "free_will: I'm comfortable with you not caring"

      I do care about receiving your money shortie. Thanx for today's contribution. It was much appreciated.

    • Never re-assess one's holdings nor take profits or redistribute portfolios, eh?


      At least the ILMN PR machine finally woke up this morning, eh?

      We'll see if it can stem the blood for a few days...


    • Long & strong, penboy.

    • Got into ILMN back in single digits years ago, actually,

      and upped my investments as it was running northward to upper $20s/share

      and built it into my largest investment (tied with XTO).

      Then I found better investments with greater further upwards potential (NSSC...).

      and apparently timed it perfectly

      given how ILMN has since lacked any buyers.

      Still watching but it seems to be in free-fall no news and the whole sector lacking buy interest or catalysts.

      Will I dip a toe back in around $20?
      I doubt.
      At $15? Maybe some long calls farthest out and deepest in the money.

      Listening to the Analysts who make their business weighing in beyond just emotion.

      Good investing to all.


    • Actually, a simple review of the posts will show you guys to be the name callers, not me.

      And as for crass comments, I believe it is the shorts such as youself that continually use the terms "turd" and "POS". So I ask you, who is the crass one here?

      Also, as for off topic, I simply responded to posts that others (including you two) left. So it was not me that set the topic.

      And I am guessing that anyone with an investment and a little intelligence is always worried about losing money. Even avowed shorts like yourself.

      I am also guessing that it is you that has been added to many people's ignore button.

      So get down off your soapbox and try to behave.

    • My question, penlight. is did you ever invest in ILMN or were you just backing up the truck?

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