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  • tekstockwatcher tekstockwatcher Jan 26, 2011 7:02 PM Flag

    DF , next SVU to cross $10 in next 30 days

    Dean Food moved to $10+ when bashers were all over place. Same is going to happen with SVU.

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    • Absolutely, stock is poised to go easy over $10's!

    • It is important to note that the Primary reason DF went up from low $7 was because Appaloosa bought alot of DF shares. Greater than 10% I believe.

      So if someone buys 10%+ of SVU shares then I think you will see a bump?

    • Great Logic!!!

      Same thing happened with Lehamn Brothers.

    • I'm pretty certain we'll see 10+, but I think we'll probably have to wait a couple of months. If the market pullbacks, there's a good chance SVU suffers because of that. Ie. if safeway/kruger etc.. come down, then so will SVU.

      But, either before next earnings or some announcement, SVU will have a good 2 week run where it will break 10. I am fine holding until that happens, but I just don't see a 40% rise right away.

      But, it will happen fellow investors, just hang in there. Buy low, sell high !

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      • Given the dramatic decline there can be a bounce up but it won't prevent the outright bankrupcy.

        Gasoline could end up being $4.25 a gallon this summer. Add that with inflationary food prices and there's not much of a way for the chain to compete.

        This is the GM of the supermarket business. Instead of consolidating brands they chose to preserve them...why?

        Meanwhile the market itself is hard to compete in because how simple is it to sell food? Drug stores now sell eggs, hardware stores sell soda etc. Walmart, target, costco, bj's, kroger and the list goes on and on. Ten years ago this was rock it.

        Why would anyone shop at supervalu above any and every possible vendor? Do they even have online food shopping because Amazon is starting to get into that now.

        I predict an outright mess as maybe the chain tries to sell off brands but any deal would take months to hash out.

    • Yup... Just compared the chart to DF and using that as a base there is about 12 - 15 days left before a reversal happens...

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