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  • seth91215 seth91215 Aug 15, 2011 10:29 AM Flag

    Replace The 62,000

    The contract for 62,000 members of the UFCW employed at Ralphs Vons and Albertsons has expired.

    Those associates with a union psyche are a liability and the supermarkets should be working on training replacement associates.

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    • Union is protected by the federal gov't. You cannot fire the employees when they are on strike. NLRB has very strict rules of conduct when a company is unionized. The rules protect the union members not the company.

    • The answer is not destroying all unions.. they their getting in with public service employees to create the Democrat kabal makes it tempting to think that way

    • dhlwilliams Aug 18, 2011 1:57 PM Flag

      Another IDIOT american with no idea what is going on you want jobs that pay low wages so you can shop at Walfart for cheap junk from CHina so move to China tha tis where the jobs are FOOL

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      • Another idiot union basher that doesn't realize the only reason a lot of companies stay in line is to keep unions out! Without unions around do people really believe companies would treat their employees fair and give them a livable wage? To find the answer to that one ask an American worker that has come here from Vietnam,China,Sovit Union etc how great the companies treated them or their children! The DOWNFALL of unions - - you have to protect all the trash too!!!!

    • Get rid of unions and everyone wins except union members that will just have to live with a fair wage and benefits.
      Unions and Minimum wage causes 4 things:
      1. Increase the cost of living.
      2. Increase taxes.
      3. Reduce employment.
      4. Creates more poor people.

      Do not believe the BS that unions promote the middle class. Unions promote only benefits for unions. Poor people pay the high union benefits. -retired ex-union member now on fixed income. Hurting.

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      • Unions are responsible for the middle class in America, or what is left of it. Have you noticed that as union membership has shrunken, so has the middle class.

      • dhlwilliams Aug 18, 2011 1:58 PM Flag

        and try to buy a house with 4 bucks an hour and go back to the 30's and get treated like crap this is what you want another DUMB AMERICAN that shops at Walfart and buys cheap junk from CHINA..

      • Douchebag; It depends on which union you belong(ed) to. But whichever one it was, you are doing much better than the person that didn't belong to a union. If you think an employer would voluntarily provide for you in retirement, your really dreaming! If your in rough shape now, you are still better off. I'm not real crazy about union dues either but someone has to support National efforts and lobbying just to stay even with the Chamber of Commerce efforts, etc. Better wages are not even conceived of by an employer unless there is a Union standard set somewhere close by or in the industry at large. That's why different industries seem to have similar hourly wages even though they are not even geographically close by. If there never was a union movement, you'd be working sunup to sundown for whatever wage an employer was willing to pay, with no or very little extra benefits to allow you to be sick or take care of your sick family or even think about a vacation. How're you doing with that Walmart job, how much vacation, sick time do you get?? Can you afford to put something away for your retirement? Think about it! Or maybe you can just work three jobs and when you retire you can cut it back to two jobs.

    • Same thing going on here in the Fargo/Moorhead CRYSTAL SUGAR union workers LOCKED THEMSELVES OUT two weeks ago after refusing a solid offer. Now they are unemployed Union members.

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