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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Aug 22, 2011 6:35 PM Flag

    Question re-unions

    Why do not-union people support union goals of high wages and benefits?
    From every thing I see and know it is non-union, low income and fixed income people that pay for all the benefits that union people get. It's like cutting your nose off to spite your face.
    Remember, customers are the ones that make a company a success. No customers, No company. In essence customers pay the union benefits.
    When a group such as unions receive an increase in wages and benefits it causes: increase in the cost of living; increase in taxes; reduces employment and creates more poor people.
    Union increases affect the entire community negatively.
    So why do you support union goals?

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    • What most non-union fail to realize is that they are the ones that end up paying the high union benefits. Customers pay for everything, not the company. Remember, no customers, no company.

    • WRONG! Many States are NOT "Right to Work States". 28 States require that you join a union and 'pay' dues for the priveledge if you want a job at certain companies. I believe that is called 'Extortion'. (i.e. Boeing, Intalco, Safeway, Any Company with a Govmn't contract, Any utility company, Any electrical or pipefitter company, AND Most Any job in Municipal, County, State or Federal Capacity.)

    • You do not survive like the Rockerfellows on welfare, but many families do survive.
      I knew one family that was doing rather well on welfare, Grandfather, father and grandson all on welfare putting their time in on the same welfare program. They all drove decent autos, dressed reasonable and ate good on food stamps and lived in subsidize housing.
      Things have gotten steadily worse since LBJ's war on poverty.

    • So does scum.. think of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter They rose to the top too

    • that, which,belongs to you?

    • If people think they can survive on Welfare. They will get a wake up call someday and it won't be pretty.

    • dhlwilliams Aug 31, 2011 2:33 PM Flag

      BECAUSE the folks at the top talked americans out of UNIONS and into 401k's and now llok at the mess the country is in ? 401k suck and it is YOUR money so take the money out of your right pocket and put it in your left pocket DO YOU FEEL BETTER ? you give up your weekends and holidays to serve others ? I bet you drive a JAP car..and ALL japan workers are in a UNION and do better work ? DA you get what you pay for LEARN SPANISH for the new third world of AMERICA..

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      • dh,
        Please explain what you mean by 'talked out of unions' and into 401k's. One doesn't have anything to do with the other.
        Unions try to make a co. share the wealth, and a 401k is a retirement plan provided by the company. You put so much in and the co. matches it.
        Explain your problem. SVU still has the union and it still has a 401k plan.
        It might be a good idea to learn Spanish if the gov't continues with its open border policy. You might even get to work for less than MW.

    • Sweet fun,
      You sound like one of the very nice people.
      The thing that union preaches is that the company can afford to pay the employees more. I agree, but a company runs on profit and they determine how it is spent. Most companies choose to pay greedy mgt exhorbitant benefits and labor as little as possible. They do not choose to reduce this. When labor goes up, so does the cost of merchandise and the poor customers pay this, not the company. Labor and the customer are in a no win situation unless both become big owners of stock and then changes the company.
      Think about it.

    • I don't plan on going on welfare. Like I do not smoke, never have, never will...

    • sweet fun;
      If you have children and no income you can qualify for welfare benefits. If you know how to play the game of welfare, all the benefits you can receive can be worth more than $10/hour. Adding all the benefits; cash grant, food stamps, housing, cell phone, medical, including dental and optical, GED, college, voc. training, transportation, clothing, and more, plus you get to sleep in, plus you can junk all week and make an extra $500/week. (Cash you don't report.)
      Think about it. Why do you think welfare rolls just keep growing?
      ----A retired ex-welfare counselor.

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