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  • moijan1967 moijan1967 Jan 1, 2012 12:53 AM Flag

    Odd smell at Albertson's

    I hadn't been to our local Albertson's in a very long time (usually go to Wal Mart or Safeway or another locally-owned grocery) but tonight I was reminded why...

    First of all on entering I could smell something vaguely like urine and stale grease mixed together really nasty and rancid to say the least.
    I went over to the produce area first and saw some pretty tired looking old lettuces, rotten avocados (some also unripe hard as stone), an anemic tomatoes. I did pick up a pack of organic spring mix (slighly more than Wal Mart in price but acceptable at 3.49).

    Then I went over to look for an entree/dinner. Deli counter already closed, fish counter emptied. Ok so it's late in the evening. I thought OK...went next to the meat area and the smell grew worse (I think you don't need to be a bloodhound to figure out from whence the putrescence is emanating). The smell was truly vile. That put me right off the meat and it all looked horrible anyway.

    I decided on a lean cuisine frozen dinner in the end but also notice some rubbish on the floor near the frozen peas. The word ghetto again came to my mind to describe this store.

    From there I went on a hunt for Perrier or Calistoga water and after 10 minutes searching found only Schweppes which is ok but not as good. Even our skimpy local grocer has calistiga water and it's cheaper than the Schweppes.

    the woman at the checkout asked me if I had found everything I needed. I only smirked and said Happy New Year.

    I will never ever set foot in an Albertson's again.
    No wonder this POS is where it is...

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    • The store is either not cleaning their cases thoroughly (down to the drains- they are not removing the uppermost surface where the product sits, and the drains below are likely clogged), or their grease traps/plumbing are either in need of a good cleaning or in need of repair.

      Most stores opt to do nothing but a quick spray, even if fixing the problem is as simple as putting on some more cheap help to clean the cases. They just won't spend the payroll, as it digs into the store manager's bonus, as do accidents.

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      • Thanks for your post - yours actually made the most sense among those passing screening filters..

        But can't they contract that work out to professional drain cleaners or perhaps thru a sewage/septic service or those who do grease trap cleaning - not sure which one. it was smelling unsanitary no question about it.

        But update again...lately the smell has been less. Perhaps they got the message! Are things looking up in that regard?

        Can't say the same for the stock - omg...priced for BK!!!!!!!!! Unreal.

    • Update: The smell has apparently gotten worse because just yesterday I was going to the Shopko near the Albertson's and I could actually smell that sewage-laden rotten chicken smell wafting out of there.

      Effluvial is the only word that come to mind. It's beyond putrid. Just totally vile.

      Speaking of putrid...look at this POS continue to move ever lower.

    • Welcome to modern Russia where produce is sub par and the lines are long.

    • The over ripened veggies are due to them over pricing them that shoppers won't buy them, and they lay there and spoil in the process. Stores had rather keep prices high than to sell these items at a fair bargain...

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      • Possibly - or just neglect because they pay their workers so little or they just don't care due to crappy store morale. But you suggestion of them doing this deliberately thru pricing may be true but it only ends up hurting them because people don't return or they have to reduce for "quick sale". The word spreads fast not to shop there. Freshness in produce is critical. For example our other locally owned grocery always has a fresh display and you can see people working in the produce area even in the evening. And they look like they care even though yes they can't be highly paid... I wonder if you will see that at your local super value store?

    • Has the thought crossed your mind to let the main office know.It is very big at the Super Valu Company on customer opinion and they dont take it lightly.The problems would be addressed and make a better shopping experence.

    • Now it your wife left you in a pitted parking lot and someone in a broken grocery cart ran over your dog it'd be a great Country Grocery song.

      You probably should have gotten a probiotic for cleansing because you're full of it.

    • Ambon, is in the Philippians or Indonesia correct?

    • Yeah, nothing says quality like Walmart groceries. The worst food handling in the entire business.

      Same guy that is putting out tires and oil is putting the meat in the freezer.

    • smarterthanyou2 Jan 1, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

      I don't buy your story . If all of this disgusted you enough to POST this story and tell us you won't EVER go back I am left wondering why , after all the unkempt/unsightly/seemly smella and sights that you bought ANYTHING there at all .
      I'm sure it was late and I'm sure it was the ONLY place open in town and you were forced to endure this terrible malady in order not to simply starve ...............
      I think your just one more Super Valu Basher plain and simple .
      The only rubbish here is your story .

    • It wasn't that late but in my original post I said:

      "...Then I went over to look for an entree/dinner. Deli counter already closed, fish counter emptied. Ok so it's late in the evening. I thought OK.."

      So moron I am acknowledging the fact it was late and the lack of service/product at the deli and fish counters were excusable situations.

      Yes whole food was open but on the other side of town. But we aren't discussing a shopping experience at WF are we? Please try and focus your callow brain for just a moment will you on the topic at hand? I was not to use your words in a frame of mind to "expect the produce dept to be perfect, fresh cut meat in the case and the dairy case stocked to perfection". But that's a point - what was I expecting?
      I had been in the store long ago and maybe expected some improvement.

      I guess not.

      The store is as crappy as ever.

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