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  • rallychaser2010 rallychaser2010 Feb 15, 2012 10:46 AM Flag

    SVU will implode

    Fact is this company is imploding. They have no plan to regroup.
    People are bailing even after the cuts. I am an industry insider and I can tell you that the vendor community is no longer participating in their "programs" (no win for the vendor), stores are losing money (even corporae Cubs), they are osing their independents to other wholesalers, corporate store personnel is rapidly leaving for WalMart, Target and other retailers and the Save A Lot format is struggling now as Aldis continues to expand.

    Prediction: Bankruptcy be YE 2013.

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    • I agree bankruptcy is coming but maybe 2014 or even 2015.
      At the risk of being a basher, you should know I HAD spent 25 years working for SVU. This company is nowhere near what it was in the beginning. Being at a cub store most of my career makes me a little biased.
      The concept of pile it high and watch it fly has been gone for at least a decade. That original concept by Cubby Davis has been thrown away and Supervalu was the one doing the tossing!
      Poor management choices have lead to this. Both at Cub and Supervalu. As employees, More recently, we would joke about how bad the cub corporate people were at running cub. Then, Supervalu started making those same poor choices. It wasn't funny anymore, It was only a matter of time before my store and other stores closed. Cub had stores in 7or 8 states? Now there is only 1 state left and they own that state. If you count Freeport,Il it's 2 states.
      Horrible choices, year after year, is why they are here. The turning point being the albertson's acquisition.
      It's not Albertson's fault, It's not Supervalu. It's both of them. They have failed to run the company in a successful manner. Nothing has changed. As long as current management remains nothing will change. And so I wait, 2014 maybe 2015 I will light a cigar and feel for those people that actually knew what they were doing. Most unfortunately do not have clue.

    • insider: read that - one of the cut
      Implode? No way

      This is a WINNER

      and a real BIG winner after this market shakes out as it should after the free taxpayer money ala FED pumped in via banks

    • I remember seeing the same thing on WHR when I used to own it when they had layed off workers.

      Newly created yahoo accounts showed up saying WHR fired the best and brightest engineers.

      Funny management would go out of their way to fire the best and brightest engineers.

      So instead of getting another job or inventing a new product, the 'best and brightest engineers' were apparently spending their time posting.

    • I think the lady does protest too much. You seem to be obssessed with my motives and feel a need to call me names? What's with that? Does any of that make SVU a better stock postion?
      It appears to me that when people make decisions based on emotions they usually end up on the losing side of the equation.
      You can't deny the facts, SVU is a wounded company that would be best served to find a suitable buyer and turn the reigns over to someone who can straighten things out.
      You can call me whatever you want, it doesn't change the fact that whether you are long or short on this stock the upside potential is very limited.

    • To be more accurate: I do not suffer fools or LIARS gladly. When I catch a lie I call it by its name. I don`t call that "anger". I call it truth.

      Now it might be more appropriate to ask why preblejoe is so angry. He claims he that he`s not a short; that he`s here to provide "just the facts, ma`am". Anybody seriously believe that? It sounds more and more like he got fired from his bagger job and is engaging in a vendetta. Or perhaps he was a stockboy. I don`t wish to offend.

    • By the way, you said you registered on Yahoo last week in order to "weigh in on a few companies". So far, you`ve only posted on this board and provided nothing of any value.

    • Funny that you both post sparingly.

      Both have recently posted on SVU, Broadvision, and admp.ob.

      Both of you posted on or near same days.

      Both have same negative bias on the same stocks.

      admp is pink sheet with average volume of 100,000 shares.

      Quite a coincidence!
      Do you 'know' preeble also.

      Let me guess, you both like to do yoga while yodeling in the bathroom with lights off.

      Another common and statically probably set of circumstances.

      Dividend coming. Longs thank you in advance.

    • Not sure about the imploding -- but here is how one former employee describes the work enviroment.
      Regardless of your positon on the stock this can't be good for the company as it tries to work out of a crisis.
      "After 14 years of working for American Stores/Albertsons/Supervalu, I was one of those let go in last year's round of "reductions". (My department was trying to match experience and background of the consultants, Oliver Wyman, and since I didn't have a PhD in stats and math I no longer meet their needs).

      While I was bitter for a few days I was surprised to realize that I was happier than I had been in years and while I will never be grateful for how my loyalty was treated, I probably should be grateful for the chance to leave what is becoming an increasingly toxic place to work. Like some of your other readers I was hating having to get up and go to work. I have had start over at a lower level and pay, but i am at a company that values my knowledge base and where I feel like I am making a difference.

      Albertsons was a great company, (of course it was even better before Larry Johnston, but that's another story), and I understand that Supervalu was a well run successful company before the "merger" as well. The problem is that together they became a company that could not make hard decisions early enough to make a difference; that settled for common practices instead of best practices when they had the chance; that can't stick with a long term plan for more than six months; and that was so enamored in technology as a solution to all problems instead of investing in people, (customers and associates).The disappointment is that once again the right people are not losing their jobs, just more loyal associates that have the know how keep the wheels on the bus while making Supervalu successful again."

    • Kind of reminds you of another grocery "giant"...can you say Fleming??

    • If you are correct.You should let us know how much you are shorting . That would prove you really feel this will happen.
      Go all in on the short since you have such great info.

      I will do so if you do. Otherwise I am all in long. GLTU

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