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  • joeschmo_4 joeschmo_4 Dec 27, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Those In The Know

    As another poster recently stated - it would appear hedge funds and those in the know would be stampeding to buy these shares if a deal was imminent. As such, I think there's either a take-UNDER offer about to happen or it's fiscal cliff related worries.


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    • The Fiscal Cliff is such a Fear Tactic coined to create anxiety and discord.

      This too shall pass- it willl turn out to be a Great Buying opportunity in the first 2 months of 2013.

      Meanwhile people got to eat, drive, surf web, go to work, and yap on the phones.....LIVING LIFE EVERYDAY.

      SVU will find the right match as well.....very soon.

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    • It's highly unlikely there will be a deal to buyout the whole company. What is likely is a deal to sell off units and pay down debt substantially. We also may see Cerberus buy a minority (say 10-20%), but significant stake in what remains of SVU. How the stock responds will be determined by the price they recieve and what's sold. Also, what market conditions are at the time of the announcement. Most people realize the company has been poorly run and has had to scimp in capital expenditures to pay down debt. I think a sharp reduction of debt and a vote of confidence from Cerberus (by buying a stake in SVU) will lead to a pop in the stock. But there's still going to be a lot of pain for employees and time before this company really turns around. (if it does)

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      • i concur. the union will be busted and cerberus will sell the unpforitable parts

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      • Another dime lower, oh dear. I don't think it's dump pumpers or pump dumpers or deal or no deal so much as overall mkt activity today... everything goes when the entire ship [U.S. economy - ship of state] is sinking . The clowns do not know what they are doing as Lucy Pelosi and her Peanuts gang lackeys move the ball on Charlie Boehner ... then try to mock the rest of us reasonable folks with some common sense on everything from protection, rights, amendments and yes.. the fiscal slope to perdition we've been on with the debt out of control along with the currency pumping. While they ridicule the notion of things like self protection from the hypocritical place of complete protection, and any criticisms of things that cause economic demise and death of jobs from a place of complete economic security... it goes on and on as Tea Party, Conservatives, et al are 'guilty' of common sense alone . So the entire nation goes down while we sit and wonder? It's like the crazy relative at the Christmas party, or the Munsters' Marilyn wondering 'what's wrong with me?' [The relative who wonders about everyone else] ... why are you (or we) different? Let's get some common sense. Then good deals can get done agian, and good business can take place - after we are no longer held hostage by Americans living in fear and off the dole.... the 47% who are afraid nobody will care for them .. when all the jobs are gone -- actually run out on a rail temporarily by stupid policy and regulations [3,000 new ones added last year] and they say what's coming makes stuff like Sarbanes Oxley look like nothing!

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