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  • billberggren billberggren Jan 11, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    The New SuperValu - what we know so far...

    What I want to know is average debt payment a year and average EBIT a year.

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    • FCF is estimated to be down to $175 million a year. There is a billion dollar note due in 2016. Good luck with that.

      Supervalu pushed the close out to March so they can get thru a final year end close before splitting the company on their books. SVU will continue to duck and dodge releasing those numbers but as Fitch showed, you can back into them.

      These guys aren't fooling anybody anymore. Well, almost nobody.

      Earlier poster still doesn't get it.

      Supervalu now has less than 1/2 their revenue and 13% less revenue than the relative same mix of holdings did in 2006.

      They have free cash flows less than 1/2 of what they had in 2006 (Approx, $375 miliion down to $175 million)

      They have LT debt and leases that more than doubled (Approx $1.4billion to $3.3 billion)

      And the business is getting worse QTR by QTR.

      The New Supervalu is the Old Supervalu with the following differences....

      Lower revenue, reduced margins, reduced earnings,reduced FCF, no dividend, higher debt, lower credit ratings, more compeition. If any of this is untrue please point it out to me and the rest of the board.

      Guess what this stock sold for in 2006 at Supervalu's high water mark? Now tell me why you think it should be worth $4 today. No way.

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