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  • peaktickets peaktickets Jan 18, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    80% will tender and price may drop to $2.50 after tender expiration

    Being a dope on this board, is not a crime. So you can continue to post nonsense as long as you would like. I just ask if it would be toom nuch trouble for you to remain consistent in your goofball opinions?

    Just the other day I posted a thread inquiring about the Specifics and Logistics of the tender. This was med_investor response...

    "Are you from the moon?
    Why paper work for tender? The same way that you call your brokerage to sell You shares, you call them to tender the shares.
    Usually one day after expiration date you should see your money and rest of your shares if your brokerage is not lazy."

    Now you are proclaiming as much as a week to get your untendered shares back. I ask questions because I genuinely would like to know. You spout nonsense and then completely contradict yourself. At least attempt to post items that are somwehat beneficial to the MB community.

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    • I told one day if your brokerage and SVU are prompt and not lazy.
      Back to guy who first post about SSW, he indicated that he saw money in his account on Jan 19 or 21 while SSW tender was expired on Jan 11.
      We all do our DD and collect data and we correct the data as we learn more.

      Sentiment: Buy

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