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  • poldej9483 poldej9483 Feb 5, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    What a stupid Cerebus Capital Management????

    Why do they want to pay $4 for a share while they could buy it for less $4 directly from the market?

    Obviously they don't know what they are doing. LOL

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    • So, you think Cerberus can accumulate 64 MM shares in 3 weeks directly from the market! That is above 4 MM shares per day for 15 business days. Now add other buyers and shorts who are covering for another 64 MM, totalled more than 8 million a day.
      Have you heard anything about supply and demand? If that many shares are in demand daily then the price should go above $10.
      Conclusion: Cerberus is much smarter than you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • the average volume of svu is around 7m/day.

        3 weeks = 21 days. so 21 x 7m = 147M shares.

        Why not they can't accumulate 64M shares in 3 weeks directly from the market??? It just shows that their math skill is not good enough. They are just a bunch of idiots to offer $4 to buy shares while they could do that for less by directly buying from the market. the price is round 3.89 last night. Why not buy it directly from the market??

        they need to send their people to college for refreshing basic materials immediately. LOL.

      • Why are there so many "salesman" trying to suggest that SVU is a STRONG BUY?

        Is it that the plan is to use tender offering as an ads to attract more buyers to buy this #$%$? so funds/ibanks could sold out all their shares at a high price? Chapter 11 is coming SOON?? Are you from one of them? LOL LOL LOL

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