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  • smelky_kid smelky_kid Feb 28, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    New price target---- $2.25

    Just listened to Webcast from Leerink. There is no reason why DDXS should not trade at 5 times revenue...or 2.25 a share. I believe it is a certainty that the company is profitable this quarter. New publications will show that high levels of LP-pla2 raise the risk of an event twofold versus high cholesterol. Plac test will eventually be standard treatment for anyone looking at cholesteral levels...I'm pretty comfortable with IP.

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    • When you predicted profitability several weeks ago, a poster said that the company indicated there was a delay in some orders from the end of 2012. to the beginning of 2013. Do you know where he/she got that?

    • Your lips to God's ears. Profitability should be a game-changing inflection point.

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      • Shatzi, take 20 minutes out of your busy life and listen to the Leerink webcast on DDXS website. Could be the most important 20 minutes of your year! All the things one could look for are here:
        1) no one in the world has ever heard of this company.
        2) revenues are growing north of 25% per year.
        3) the Vaxgen mess has no bearing on this company.
        4) LP-PLA2 is an important marker, whether Darapladib is effective or not.
        5) if Darapladib is successful, this is a monster home in the world will Glaxo have a multi-billion blockbuster(which it will be) if no one can find out if they have high levels LP-PLA2. In order for a patient to get Darapladib, they need the PLac test, and then continue to get the Plac test to make sure the drug is working--for life!
        6) Measuring Lp-pla2 for Alzheimers is coming---all my own opinion. But if you check Glaxo's website, Darapladib is in Phase II testing for AD, drug is called Rilapladib. Who knows when that test emerges.
        7) and I repeat, no one in the world knows this tiny little company.
        8) IP looks strong. Especially if Darapladib works....

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