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  • sdansker2002 sdansker2002 Feb 9, 2011 12:41 PM Flag

    $7.50 Price Target

    Ubug put me on his ignore list, because I called him out. Too bad. He's been dissing URZ for awhile now. I just wish HE would ignore himself & go to another blog.

    Today I missed the move this morning because of a DRs Appt. By the time I got back to the keyboard, the move vanished. Oh well, another chance for another buy.

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    • ubug, at 44 you sure spend an awful lot of time on this blog. Got a real job? I'm 70 and am retired.

      If I don't have a clue, Lord let me keep being clueless. I've made more coin off of these U-stock day trades this year than in any year within memory. Most have gone from less than a buck to $3-5, and I've ridden 4 of them all the way. It's bliss, baby.

      BTW, how's BC? I have an aunt that lives there, and I haven't met a BCer that wasn't worth their salt. I wish you well; I just didn't believe that you canned all those URZ shares you said you did and still thought that it'd make it to $10. I understand yr thought on waiting until next year, but why wait while it's such a juicy day-trade (like today)?

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      • As I said before call the company.....they know me very well and they know how many shares I had. I truly encourage you to do this so that you can once and for all come to terms with your issue about my telling the truth or lying.

        URZ in many ways had been a disappointment to me for quite some time but I held. Considering I made quite a bit of money in the end, I harbor no ill feelings BUT I do not like the Chairman of this company and I do not like the way he manages URZ.

        The insider selling is getting tiresome. I expect insiders to sell but when only 2 members of the board actually own any "real shares" that is disconcerting to me. When all I see is insider sales and rarely if ever in the history of this company and insider buy out of the market that is disconcerting.

        This latest filing suggests to me that a buyout is not imminent and that is what my "blue sky" was in holding URZ past $5.

        Day trading? I will definitely consider doing that with URZ but the turnaround in U's caught me by surprise today and I missed the swing (both ways). I was busy with other stocks.

        Like I said could still get to $10 but it could also go back to $4 first. That's why I canned all those shares. My commentary here is merely me expressing my opinion about what is happening with URZ and the U sector....good, bad, and indifferent.

        Good luck to you and let's all make $$$ trading this stock!

    • Called me out??? I said I wasn't going to bother "engaging" you anymore because you didn't have a clue what you were talking about. By the way, you still don't.

      Day trade it all you want.....if you can make money, good on ya! It's what I plan to do as well.

      I am not dissing URZ....I have a real issue with the chairman of the company that is true but the company is sound. is it worth almost $6/share presently? Not a chance! Will it be worth $10 one day.....I think so just not anytime soon.

      It's a hype job right now just like the whole sector. And that's fine, makes a good trader.
      Good luck with your day trades and GLTA

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