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  • ezstart Mar 4, 2014 10:19 PM Flag

    SELL !!! WARNING !!!! SELL !!!!

    you need to stay away !!!! if you are fortunate enough to have made some gains (like me) SELL!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

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    • I take it your short trade isn't going as planned.

    • I unloaded about half of my shares today. I would say around 650 K. Made a big chunk of money, but that's okay I still have about half of my remaining shares. I'll need every penny to pay for the worst news I could have ever received in my life. Hope I'm still around to sell the other half. If not my family will get them. I will liquidate if I'm still able to do so to be able to put into my estate. Spot is on its way down and the town meeting news has not been released which makes me nervous. The other side is that Japan may not start any reactors until next year. Not because of the reactor inspections, but the ensuing geological fault site surveys and the massive amount of repairs that will be needed to move forward. Beyond venting they also want emergency power connectivity, and cooling ponds with bladders. Not to mention seismic reports and retaining walls. To top it off they may not even continue until all of the onsite waste can be stored or recycled properly(you can thank China and the WTO). Pretty harsh rules, but then again imagine if Tokyo had to bbe relocated. I wouldn't sell like crazy, but a l;ittle profit taking is always a good thing in my opinion. URZ can still make money without Japan. I don't bbelieve they have on contact with Itochi, bbut I could be wrong.

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      • best wishes on a turnaround of your situation whatever it may be. second deviateur's and benoliver's sentiments. hope we have you around on these boards for many more years to come.

      • 650k shares huh? LOL ya ok

      • Jetty;

        Sounds like it's time for a second opinion or two or as many as you need until you find someone who can fix you up. No is not the right answer. Good luck.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • I likewise wish you the best and will pray for you and your family Jetty.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Jetty I am so sorry.
        It does not sound good. I am only imagining at this point.. based upon what we
        know from the board about your health. Wish you the best and pray for you.
        Its hard not to agree with your insight and knowledge here. Always respect your views and
        one of the reasons I am here.
        I am not educated as you in this field... or investing....but have had staying power and been lucky.

        However, this time I am in total disagreement. You are right as the saying goes, cant lose money if you are taking a profit. But as a long term investor I am one not to try to time the market. Especially right now. There are still just too many catalysts that could even push us much higher without a major re-tracement. Also to say spot is on its way down I think is a stretch at this point . If anything I see spot moving much higher soon. Who know whats gonna happen in eastern Europe as well.
        You are talking way over my head when talking the inner workings of a nuclear plant. I thought a bladder was an organ that held your pee! I don't think many here understand it either and to try to trade from those facts is nearly impossible for me....but I can always refer to deviateur for that.

        What I do know there is turmoil in this world right now that could change things in a hurry.It seems to me there is momentum in Japan to make things happen more quickly now with debt mounting more everyday. There is a darn good chance we can start production very soon. A good chance spot moves higher soon. Least but not last a good chance a buyout could happen maybe sooner than later.

        Take your bets people,
        I will sit tight and hold.

      • ezstart Mar 5, 2014 4:25 AM Flag

        I sold everything...Been in and out over last 6 months...Out for good now. Up 3.3 Mil and I am not going to be greedy.

    • A!

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