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  • thegunnerab thegunnerab Jun 26, 2003 5:33 PM Flag

    Hey Tobin Smith


    The guys on this message board can't change anything with a stock like CMVT that trades 3M+ per day.

    Check the web site, select info quote on CMVT then check the short history.

    You will see the short interest for the last 12 months.

    Actually, last November the short interest fell big.

    The shorts know this company better than longs.

    Before the company warned last time, everything was looking great,
    the company gave gerat guidance but the short position swelled.

    Only few days later, the company warned and the stock fell from 65 to 20,
    for people with short memory.
    Thats is why they got class action against them.
    I'm planing to buy puts on Monday, when the market will reach its peak.
    The funds will everything they can to push or at least hold the market here at this levels until Q2 is over, so they can show great returns.

    Ask yourselves, your insiders and employees sold hard this week if everything is fine and dandy?

    I hope it gets to $17 by next Monday so puts will get cheaper to buy.

    The Gunner