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  • lookyloo2 lookyloo2 Jul 24, 1998 12:03 PM Flag


    When Greenspan talks stocks go on sale,

    I look at it as a buying time,

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    • All:

      The market is just over re-acting to the news about Kobi's selling. I hope that he is not selling us out.

      Terence, This is your time to buy.


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      • SEC 144 from is not a spur of the moment

        It's common knowledge any exective can sell
        in his company, as long as he notify the SEC. ahead

        of time, they buy options at a discount price and
        when the stock goes up. ( PROFIT TAKING ) THAT'S

        The thing I watch for is when all of the company

        exectives sell at the same time.

        This is called
        COMMON SHARES like you and I buy

        so I'm holding for now

        It's a rough day for
        the market and I am hoping that when
        the market
        comes back CMVT bounces back to.

        Lets keep our
        fingers crossed

        PS Greenspan started this mini

      • All company officer are given (OPTIONS) that
        can sell anytime they want, as long as they
        the SEC. What you are reading is old

        Greenspan had more to do with the market going
        than (KOBI) did.

        next time Greenspan talks get
        out of the market
        and buy back in while he is
        or ride it out.

        Form 144: Intention To Sell Restricted

        Form 144 filings are indicated by ``Planned Sale''.
        Form 144s must be filed as notice of the proposed sale
        of restricted securities. Restricted securities are
        those that are acquired directly or indirectly from an
        issuer or an affiliate in a transaction (or chain of
        transactions) not involving a public offering.

        insider may file a Form 144 and not actually complete the
        sale. If the sale was completed, the insider should
        have filed a Form 4, indicating the transaction was
        completed. Form 144s contain additional information which
        may be beneficial. The data includes the name of the
        brokerage firm, insider's address,
        phone number, and the
        dollar amount of transaction. The amount of stock an
        insider may sell is ``restricted'' by a number of
        factors, such as shares outstanding, trading volumes,

        The Form 144 must be filed prior to, or on the
        approximate date, of sale. When searching for Form 144s, keep
        the following considerations in mind:

        filing of Form 144 is not required in any case where the
        amount of stock to be sold during any three (3) month
        period does not exceed 500 shares and the aggregate sale
        value does not
        exceed $10,000. If the seller does
        not sell all the stock covered by the form within 90
        days after the filing, the filing process must be
        repeated before the commencement of further sales, except
        in cases where the passage of time has extended the
        seller's holding period.

      • But I think there's more to it than Kobi's sales.

        - a general correction in the market (I know, CMVT
        doesn't usually follow)
        - a specific correction on the
        recent increases

        I'm wondering how other telcom
        issues are comparing in moves.

        ADCT is down a
        bit, too. Still watching. May move today, but watching

      • Whiz,
        Kobi Beef has some 800,000 shares on his
        own-Thats about 40+ million buckaroos. Do you begrudge da
        Kobi man a few bucks? Stock is below its high of last
        year. Looks to me like CMVT is like watching the grass
        grow only some one is throwing too much weed killer on
        it! Hope that 70 mark is reached in my lifetime.


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