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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Aug 11, 1998 8:21 AM Flag

    Get in while you can!


    I woke up this morning to Cnbc's
    report that the S&P futures
    were down 15 points. At
    that time I made the toliet and
    dropped one myself.
    The 15 point drop means 75 dow points.
    How far
    will CMVT drop this morning. I hope that it
    make sewer level. I like like that word

    Terence: Nice post. I am not a Farm Boy from
    I was born on a farm, but moved to the Big City
    when I was
    in third grade.

    Now, whats all
    this talk about Lehman Brothers. They own the
    and put out a sell recomendation??? I am
    Again. Us farm boys are dumb and only know how to milk
    cows, not invest in stocks.

    Well I got to go.
    Time to feed the chickens, and sow the pigs,
    plow the fields, and pick the corn. and shovel the

    One last thing. Whats every one think about the
    saga, its time for more Monica jokes.


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