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  • pennywise_fool pennywise_fool Aug 12, 1998 10:26 PM Flag

    Anybody have an edgar online account?

    I see at Edgar online that there where several
    "4"s filed on Aug 10, as well as another 144
    yesterday. The 4's can be changes of position (actual sells)
    by insiders where as the 144's are only intent to
    sell, with a 3 month window to execute.

    out there have a subscription? With the stock in the
    tank, I'm too cheap to spring for the $24 bucks to find
    out. Could be interesting, though...


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    • Whiz,

      Don't you remember this happening
      last quarter? We were in a trading range, I'm not sure
      but I think it was something like 43 to 47, then 3
      weeks or so before earnings it broke to 42 and then
      suddenly popped way up. The street's just playing with us,
      they're shaking out wimps so they can pick it up cheap,
      it happens almost every quarter.

      By the way,
      I wasn't aiming my Lehman's question to you, I just
      usually go to the most recent message and reply from
      there. Sorry.

    • All:

      The stock is down about 30 percent
      from the high of only
      a couple of weeks ago.

      I no longer believe that it is the down market, or
      selling. There just has to be more than what we

      Does any one have a intelligent reason? Mutha, you
      been quiet lately. Whats you take on all of

      I want to buy back the stock I sold, But with every
      day being
      a down day, Why should


    • All:

      Who remembers Tom Cruise in Top
      Gun,when he sings "Youve
      lost that loving Feeling" ??

      Sing the following to that Tune.


      You've lost that rising
      OHHH that rising feeling.
      You've lost that rising
      Now its down, down, down
      OHH OHHH

      Comverse, Comverse, I'd get on
      my knee's for you.
      you would only,
      only go up again.

      I had
      some money,
      some money, I need every day.
      Kobi, Kobi HE'S done
      pissed it all away,

      So Now I sit
      and hope for better days.
      all the insiders
      Sell and salt it all
      way. OHH OHH OHH OHH OHH

      I see that the S&P's
      are down big again. John Murphy
      on Cnbc said this
      morning that the dow is at the 200
      day moving average.
      If it breaks it look out.
      God help the


      • 2 Replies to Stock_Whiz
      • >>I had some money,
        some money, I need
        every day.
        Now Kobi, Kobi HE'S done
        pissed it
        all away, way.<<<<

        Very well said
        I have been telling you folks get rid of the
        of this ship and you folks don't
        With this post you are off the hook and captain
        will be after me now with stupid post like get out
        this board or how old are you, blah blah
        Hey Whiz don't worry about the captain lovers just
        on posting the new stories and poems or songs....

      • I have been following this board since about a
        year ago. I am tired of you always being singing,
        chanting, and making stories about how CMVT is going down.
        It seems that you must be holding short positions
        and have an interest in CMVT going

        However, to date you have never been right !!! and I am
        glad !! With the exception of short term volatility,
        CMVT has always come up ahead!! (I remember you
        stories about a ship sinking back when the stock was at
        31, well the ship never sank and reached a new high a
        few weeks ago. Can you explain that ?)

        people that read this board appreciate facts and not
        biased opinions with self interest in mind!!


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