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  • toddB222 toddB222 Mar 7, 2001 11:19 AM Flag

    How vunerable is CMVT to handset sales?

    I understand that CMVT's products hit the sweet spot of Carrier spending - the ability to add services/applications that add revenue, but how much will they sell if the handset market replacement cycle isnt as high as expected. I believe they have to grow top line by 25% in FY 01 to hit the Streets numbers - but with the overall hadset market in unit volume growing probably less than 15% (470 million) - is this concievable? Will the company reduce future guidance? Comments please.


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      CSB :-)

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    • Hello Todd,

      Good question. Unfortunately, for the Shorts, the answer is NO. CMVT's carrier equipment/software sales do not rely on handset replacement sales in any way. It relies on selling the new apps *capability* to the carriers, regardless of the number of people who actually use that service among the carriers end-user customers. It is the *number of new apps and equipment* that are MUCH more relevant than the growth of the *number of users* of any existing or future apps and equipment.

      Think *building the highway* VS *being a toll collector*.... CMVT = builder, the carriers = toll collector. CMVT revenues are not "end-user dependent" that way. They get paid regardless of how dense the traffic is. That risk is taken/absorbed by the carriers.

      Nice gig, huh? [Just think of Kobi as the "Israeli Italian", in the Tech/Telecom "construction" biz.] ;-)

      Best Regards, and hang on for the ride!
      CSB :-)

    • My take on whether handset sales will appreciably affect CMVT's bottom line is, not very much. CMVT's earnings are based on people making phone calls. Whether they do it with a new handset doesn't matter just as long as they keep making those calls. If new toilet sales drop off, it doesn't mean that toilet paper sales will also be hurt.


    • if they don't this quarter, wouldnt it be logical they will announce weakness in future quarters? is this company running out of cryptonite? believe me, no company, and i mean no company, has an infinite supply of cryptonite;