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  • elohacom elohacom Aug 21, 2007 11:48 PM Flag

    My opinion on VMware

    Well, does anyone really need to have 2 OS in the computer?
    Does HW powerful enuff to have 2 OS? Maybe in 5 years, yes, but not now.

    First time I heard VMware, I was excited, then installed and deleted immediately.

    VMware is a toy for some computer geeks, absolutely not for everyone.

    This one is not even going to be popular as Linux.

    The stock price might go up for some reason for few days, but eventually it will dive, when & how deep? I don't know.

    Even $20 bucks I wouldn't buy.

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    • What VMWare's main cash cow is virtualization for the data center, which is where the industry is going. It allows corporations to run for example multiple server operating systems on one physical server, hence saving the company large amounts of money in hardware and utility costs. You are talking about VMWare for the workstation. What makes this company so valuable is ESX server.

    • Unfortunately for large companies, there IT is driven by their internal customers. So application A wants their own server, app B wants there own, app C and so on and so on. You end up with servers that are very under utilized. VMWARE solves this. Use one physical server to give multiple apps their own "virtual server". Big IT is big benefactor here, not the pc who wants to run two OS's

    • You're looking it from an average PC users point of view. Look at the products they sell from an executives point of view.

      Here is one view:

      If your company had a computer system that stored your life's work on it and said "we have to apply some security updates". Wouldn't you be just a little bit nervous? What if there was 50,000 users like you who also had their life's work on it? Hmmmm... Makes you think.

      How do you think Vmware can help in this situation? Do you think dropping a few thousand on software to help test the systems would be useful? I certainly do.

      Oil/Gas companies are eating this stuff up. One company I know of reduced their server from close to 800 servers down to 400.

      Welcome to the world of Vmware.

    • Everybody has one and they all stink.

      VMWare is business software. Except for VMWare fusion which is a serious threat for microsoft (first microsoft is trying to copy OS x and doing a terrible job of it... now mac owners can windows software seamlessly in osx).

    • so you know more than the best and brightest at intel and csco?...vmware is a perfect fit for server farms...

    • The Enterprise Software and datacenter installation is
      where the revenue growth is. Ask companies like Cisco,
      Visa, ... that are consolidating their servers and saving
      money due to:

      - fewer additional servers ( reduced capital expenditure )
      - reduced energy costs
      - fewer people ( fewer physical servers to administer )
      - lower datacenter costs ( many outsourcers / data
      center hosting companies ( like EDS, ACS, Saavis, ...)
      charge per physical server. Fewer servers, reduced
      hosting charges

      Think of VMWare on a "per transaction" savings model
      for a company/customer, similar to Google being a
      per ad display or ad click model.

      The average server in a datacenter runs at 15% utilization.
      Said differently, 85% of a typical server's energy and
      "value added" capabilities ( Order transactions, Human
      Resources transactions, Customer Relationship transactions,
      ... ) is wasted.

      If you can run three "windows servers" and utilize 50% of
      a server capacity ( have to leave room for higher usage
      peaks / scalability ) where there was only only one
      "Windows Server" being run before - then yes, there is
      a "need" to do so ( a financial need - a need to do more
      with less, a need to increase productivity, a need to
      reduce costs, a need to increase earnings ).

    • stb52 Aug 22, 2007 12:03 AM Flag

      Switched to Mac about a year ago and yes there are a few reasons I still need to use Windows. Not too often though and I dread looking at Windows now.

      I think you are mistaken if you think VMW's bread and butter is the VMWare Fusion for the desktop. The Enterprise is the cash cow. And to answer that, yes it makes perfect sense to be able to run 2 OS's on a server. Or even the same OS in more than one instance as well.

    • Another idiot has spoken. WAKE UP! It's been out for almost 10 years and it's making more noise in IT market place than your 30yr old car.

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