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  • jharoldfba jharoldfba Sep 4, 2007 2:23 PM Flag

    Possible reason why VMW has stalled

    It's over-valued and no institution will be buying at these levels. Any momemtun stock that can't keep an upwards move going beyond a couple of weeks in a strong tape, is feeble and won't take much to push it much lower.

    Silver lining? No float available to short otherwise you'd be looking at a 3-handle on the quote.

    Worst stock out there at the moment for traders. As for long term investors I don't think you'll get as much as you think you will.

    Keep it real.

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    • You dont use fundementals with every freakin stock. Look geeks if this was the case sun,msft, etc would be much higher than they're now (especially msft). Those are just two of many examples of why if you buy stocks on pure fundementals you're going to be one frustrated person. Vmw is also one of these stocks. You mean to tell me you're going to not buy a stock at 51.00 that went to 73 because it's so called overvalued lol. This stock is headed skyward not just because of the dominance it will have in it's arena but on simple pure hype around vmw that may have it so called over valued but, who cares when ppl are just trading on emotion and it will be the emotional stocks that make you the most money. You be a fool and use valuation on geek numbers for this stock and try to short it. Put your money where your mouth is buddy. I guareentee you that you will get burned on simple emotion geek.

    • Just one question, why the price is still in 65-70? Some people keep saying that it is so overvalued and the price should be in 30s. If the market is with them, why it is still hanging here? I guess you would say the market and longs are fooled, but by who?

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