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  • ayemez ayemez Sep 5, 2007 2:35 PM Flag

    Out at 64.59

    Good luck to everyone. I may come back below 60, but until then, it's too long for too little action with too much risk.

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    • So much crap by so many shiters...

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      • Hmmm do you feel like a wimp today when you see how it's jumping lol. Backbone my friend grow it if you're going to be into stocks! We all know and knew that dips would and will happen and happen again!. Scared traders never make money and that's a fact. Like I said yesterday why sell if you thought you were going to get back in under 60. You should have added at 64 but, if it dips back to 63 id buy and stay strong if you believe in vmw. If not say bye bye but, dont give us your weak minded thoughts anymore thx. Oh great post also takeit. You state your reasoning very well especially with th rimm comparison.

    • Big stock goes straight up. This one can get away fast. I know people who dumped MA when it lingered around 45 (now 138). Also people who dumped CROX when it stalled at 33 (now around 110). ICE screwed around then took off.....

      Hope you can get back in...but $65 is low & you may never see it again.

    • Well if you're going to come back in why would you sell in the first place? Why not just hold and add cheaper shares when or if it goes down below 60? Scared to lose money huh? Gotta spend to make. Goog went down just the same on it's way to 500. Every stock pulls back my friend. I can tell you didn't do homework or dont have confidence in yourself to back what you believe in. Know your stocks before you buy them if you're going to let a pull back scare you then dont buy stocks. In crises I guess you'll just roll over and let anything run you over.

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      • I did the homework and I valued this stock at between 48 and 55 dollars. The hedges funds and big buyers who set the stock prices value VMWare at 55$. You aren't going to get significant buyers for the stock until you get to this level.

        However I valued the stock to be worth 48$ based on the earnings and growth. It has a very good chance that it will go up significantly in the future, but the future takes time. Right now many of the stock owners are weak and hoping to get rich quick like google, they are pulling out now that the stock is lagging. It will go down to around $55 where you will begin to find numerous buyers.

        I myself bought at 52$ and at 54$. I sold much of my position at between 71$ and 72$.

      • He is right , why taking risk if you are not sure about the current market. He can coming at any time later if the price is right. The name of the game is watching, monitoring and taking action for maximizing the profit in reducing the stress. Healthy and weathy are the name of the game. Just an opinion, so dont don't be mad or take it as personal.

      • A lot of people agree never average down. Always average up.

        Why? Simple! If you buy and it goes down, then you are wrong so don't put more money into the kitty. Wait for it to show strength and go above your initial buy point, then scale in on the climb.

        Afterall, if you're really unlucky and it keeps going south, how long can the average man keep averaging down? Not long I bet.

    • I really do not understand why anyone would get out at this poijt before the silent period expires, but good luck to you.

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