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  • gfreno12000 gfreno12000 Sep 16, 2007 4:31 PM Flag


    You know cramer started out by knocking wvmware (vmw), then several of us called him out on it and subsequently he turned around and began supporting vmw, even calling it the next google.

    this went on till friday, when he named his imaginary football teams wide end receiver. lo and behold he named it research in motion (rimm). now i have nothing against rimm. in fact i like the stock. although, i think it might have run its course for a while when it jumped up quite a bit on the 3 for 1 split.

    back to cramer. he then goes on to say he could have picked vmw as his wide end reciever but that one day they will face competition from citrix and microsoft. and that makes vmw a risky stock. moron, google once had the same problem and he pooh poohed that issue, then he goes on to say all his choices for possible wide end receiver on his team are going to go higher. I guess he forgot that he named vmw as one of his choices wide end receivers?????

    wait, it gets better. Later on in that same show. A viewer asks why is emc a better way to play vmw? he says eventually vmw will pull up emc. vmw is to risky a stock to play???????????? He has emc in his charitable trust. makes no sense.

    ps: i have this all on tape.

    this guy is a chump. months ago he jumped on a table picked nyx as his favorite stock. soon after, he came on the show and said his favorite was nmx. and nyx was no good????

    after that he chose sears (shld) and goldman sachs (gs). now hear this, ellison, his "buddy" was in charge of shld. and shld was going down the tubes, but cramer was not about to betray his buddy, his viewers, that's another thing. how about, as he used to say it, goldman slacks, where he used to work and all his buddys were at. that's right he will ride that stock down too. or at least his viewers did.

    and with all that, his show is not half bad. you just have to be very careful and eke out, when he is supporting you and when he is supporting his buddys.

    i say, stick with vmw. virtualization is the wave of the future. vmw is up and riding the crest of that wave. it is the defacto leader. imho, it has to much of a head start on its competitors. It is out there and is competeing with google for the best brain power out there, and doing a good job.
    good luck, rocky

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    • Perfect post. Cramer tries to pump/dump stocks for his own benefit. and most of the times he doesn't even understand what the company really does. He has his own interests than anything else with every stock pump/dump. Don't trust him. Bac k boom time he was big on Sycamore networks look at where it is now. He just uses his position at cnbc to pump/dump. he shouts too much just make it look like a great advice not with substance.

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