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  • noisefreeinvesting noisefreeinvesting Oct 31, 2007 9:47 PM Flag

    crazy valuation, BEWare

    If we were looking to buy shares, I am confident you would find that the intrinsic value we came up with would be less than $40 per share as our assumptions would not have been so generous.

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    • his recommendation - buy unloved shares!!

      He's confusing shares with pets!

    • Thought ACH shall re test $80, got in low $73 and it went up to almost $78, got greedy and didn't sell. It has pulled back to $70. Anyone see ACH moves back up to $80+ in the near future? Thanks.

    • Any chance if anyone trading ACH? Feedback is appreciated. No nonsense please.

    • Don't even open an account with Ameritrade because I have account at Ameritrade and Scottrade. I have done the same deal like you do when I bought in a stock too high and boxed my losses by taking two positions. Ameritrade rejects my order when I want to sell the longs unless I cover my short first. Nowadays, I do most of my trades at Scottrade. I do sometimes taking two positions at the same time to limit my losses. I bought in TIE so high at $36 and it fell below to $26 back in Aug. Luckily that I boxed in my short position when it was on its way down at $31. I finally sold my TIE long last week at $34+, but the profit from the shorting back in August helped me to cover the difference. I make profit from TIE still in the end. Good luck.

    • I've never been on the Google board. I do not own Google. One of my favorite sites is Renaissance IPO. That is where I found VMW. I did not even look at the VMW board until 3-4 weeks after I bought VMW on day one @50.90.

      Being to wrapped up in another stock that I recently sold, I did not care to visit this board. Now that the other stock is gone, VMW is the most promising stock I own. That does not keep from the other 15-16 that are rounding out my holdings.

      So if your vanity is getting in the way, I did not even know about your posts until this board around mid-September.

      Pleased to meet you. And I have never seen the Google board, sorry.

    • ddo, wait for a pullback in ISRG. It may happen in a few weeks. I listened to their CC. Awesome management. They killed expectations. They have a huge moat. I'm trying to add at 300. Hopefully, it will back up. It's trying to.

    • Read my other post to ddo.

    • Obviously that you had not experienced the real pain and suffer the big squeeze of profit disappearing in this stock trading market. You sounded like a newcomer and new kid on the block. Got a lot to learn still, kid. You think that we screwed up now when we took profit off the table and put back in the bank. Trust me, there will be plenty opportunities for you to experience and taste the bitterness that we have gone through because all traders do in the end. It means that you won't be exceptional. Don't be so quick to judge. You have a lot more to learn from the experience of the others.

    • ddo, you made money, next time invest like you can back it up. Don't throw all your money on it in the beginning. Just a thought. Build a base of 50-75%. Keep 50% $$$ to add. You'd be surprised how you accumulate a ton of shares over time. Sure your cost basis goes up. But you trade around the core to keep your basis as low as possible. And you are taking profit along the way.

      Hang in there!

    • ddo screwed up. This has been one of the easiest stocks to manage. Damn, it has shown very little weakness. There have been plenty of times to accumulate. Even if one just held the thing they would be way ahead.

      Stocks don't get any easier than this one.

      If one can't make a ton of money on VMW, they have a lot to learn.

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