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  • go_shorty_aka_50_cent go_shorty_aka_50_cent Nov 12, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    no othr stock bounced back the way VMW did

    so you all know what that means.

    Trust me...I made the call that VMW ain't going to 94 if it does not stablized at 93.25. confirmed

    Told yo that this thing will get dragged by the market. confirmed.

    told yo that no buy at 90 cause you can pick it up cheap at 84. did that and sold in time bfor the drop.

    Still holding the bag on my 5000 shares at 88.44, but now it has just being average out at 83.22 with all 10,000 shares.

    Anything above 83.22 is pure profit. I also have the options to take profit with my 5000 shares bought at 78, if I sense trend is not my friend.

    now trading higher after hours, won't be surprised if VMW gap up above 83 level.

    Again this is all based on technical analysis, and I have been correct all these time, except...I chose to hold that 5000 shares in case of a run up.

    buy more if you have the money.

    good luck to all cause I am loving it.

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    • How many fortune 500 companies have licenses with Oricle, how far behind are they? Did they pass up VMW in earnings already, wow, that was quick! Marine Corp. using their product, or the Defense Dept? What about over seas, have they even set up over there? By time they catch up to VMW, it will be two years at least. Panic sell on some BS. VMW will suffer because of it, and will go down some, but wait till there next earnings comes out. They are still the big dog on the block, and this puppy shows up. Market, economy is crap right now anyway. VMWare still rules in virtual world. To many companies invested to much money and training to switch. Sell off, im buy all i can @ these prices, and waiting till next earnings. But my opionion means nothing, everyone has one. good to see someone with some balls on here.

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      • strong balls won't hold this stock and ppl's emotional distress.

        Only real money in reserve and the undrstanding of VMW and the believe that this indeed a great stocks to hold before the next jump.

        selloff hurts I agreed, but what hurts more is to sell now and when the jump occur, no shares holding on cause ppl choose to take loss rather than holding for gains.

        good luck man

    • HA! Loser. VMW trading DOWN AH, now at 77.50

      LMAO@U! But only because you're such an idiot for pumping how great a trader you are -- now your 5000 shares at 78 are undewater! So much for your "option to take profit" with them. Good luck! LOL!!

    • If it's not too personal what country are you from Vietnam, or China?

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      • me from China and I shorted all chinese stocks and went long on American VMW cause VMW is 2 minutes from where I live in Palo Alto, CA. near Stanford Univ.

        where are you from? I have lived in the USA and Palo Alto for too many years. I was thinking buying meself a trailer and go on a road trip, but still do my trades thou.

        Life be too boring without trading.

        Have fun and pls do trade within your means now cause market correction is scary shit!

    • Wow- why don't I talk about the ONLY thing I did right and act like I am better than everyone else like you loser "shorty." You may have played this right, but I would NEVER ask you for advice.

    • go_shorty....Do you really think this stock is going to gap up tomorrow? If you lean heavily on technical analysis then you should know better than buying a stock that did not find its bottom or created a solid base. The stock didn't hold any of the crucial support levels. It fell though on high volume. There is a possibility the stock may retrace to a 61.8% Fibonacchi retracement level, which is around $70. Plus,why would you ever want to average down in price??? I am standing aside waiting for confirmed bullish (short ot long term) signals to initiate my positions. Unless i see some i will not gamble trying to guess a bottom price.

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      • I agreed with everything you had stated in your msg.

        you know what? VMW is trading down in AH. and so is other stocks like AAPL and GOOG, and BIDU.

        Based on the strong closing, VMW has 76% chance of gap up tomorrow morning!

        Also, based on it strong run up to 92.50 today and the fact that VMW has great backers. it will gap up and close above 85 tomorrow, if not 87ish.

        Why I average down my price rather than sell all and buy back all?

        Dude...this stock can run up 5 to 9 to even 12 points in one day. I rather take the downside risk on half of my shares than to miss out on any run up.

        my take is that VMW went from 125 to now 76.55, I believed there is more upside potential than down side, even in this down market, thus I leave out 5000 shares just in case of run up.

        again...once market stablized...VMW will shine again.

        If VMW can drop from 92.50 to 76.55, that is 16 points and then run up 4 points in the last few minutes before closing. it can easily run up 5 to 9 to even 12 points easy.

        So don't miss out man!

    • shorty , you seem to be the only person here with good advice, others seem to just bash or pump ..
      You think it is going to hit 100+ again by feb?

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      • Of course! I have mentioned before, no stock is immune to market selloff. That is why I am cursing on the market selloff, the subprime turmoil and all that nonsense that took away VMW's shine.

        I am no idiot trading with $900K+ in VMW. I tell it like it is. we need to go up to 94 before we see 97 or 100+.

        VMW need to stablized above 93.25. it never did in the past few trade days since it dropped below 88.

        ppl can take about VMW is like RedHat, Netscape, and so on.

        redhat had no real backers and did not make VMW's kind of revenue, so redhat comparison is out.

        netscape...never bother to monetize nor took avantage of its browser lead, thus bad management execution and allow IE to take over.

        That is not going to happen with VMW cause managemnt have proven themselves to be the next GOOG and CRM. Thus derserve the high multiples.

        If VMW continue to execute well. shit!!!!! this stock will go above 130 and break new highs. believe that!

        good luck to all.

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