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  • mrmil0 mrmil0 Nov 20, 2007 4:02 PM Flag

    Any Thoughts?

    I bought around 1000 shares at an average price around 65 and I sold at 116. Made a very nice profit. I waited until I found a good entry point which I thought was 82.50 I bought 1200+ shares. I saw a couple rises and also falls in the last week or so. When it started dropping back down today I got out at 80.25. If you look at this stock at this point it looks like it is entirely driven by the state of the market at this point. I just wonder more where this market is going more than anything else. I am wondering if the market continues to go down how low we go. Is it possible we can see sub 12000 Dow or even sub 11000 Dow. Anyone who owned this stock when it hit 125 had to feel it was a little to good to be true hence the huge drop. I am just wondering where people think this market is headed by years end. I know this though once this market finally bottoms out this stock will be a great purchase, but the question is when. At this point if the market hits 12000 this stock will be at the low 70s or lower. If the market hits 11000 this stock could be at 50 or lower. This market is a day traders or options players dream. I just wonder where the market bottoms at. Any thoughts?

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    • Mr. Mil0,

      You should just follow my calls. If you did, you would not have bought at 82.50 and sold at 80.50.

      I called for a gap up in AH and it did yesterday and this morning too. I sold at the high of 85+ and told everyone that I am out because I believed I can buy it back cheaper and it did. I bought 5000 shares at 82 and solde it at 83 before the drop. and then I picked up another 5000 shares at 81 and another 5000 shares at 80 and I sold at 81 and hold the rest of the 5000 shares at 83.

      Therefore, I don't understand why you would take a loss of $2400 in one day's trade when you know this VMW can bounce right back up.

      we seen VMW bounced back up from 76ish to 80ish close. I then called a gap up the next day. It gapped up to 84ish and then run up to 87 before profit taking down to 82ish and run up all the way to 90ish and closed above 90.

      the nextr day it run up all the way to 97.79 before it dropped hard back down to 87 again.

      Knowing that this stock is volatile, you should have never sold at a loss of 2 points.

      read all my previous calls and you will see that I am right on the money all the time since I followed VMW.

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      • I didn't buy today I bought on Monday I put a limit order in and could have put it even lower. Like I said I'm not a trader and I would never take that loss in one day. I know that selling at 80.25 seems foolish, but I am being honest in what I did. I just thought that if the market continued to slide I could have taken a much larger loss so I decided to just get out. I made over 60k in this stock so I am not really upset about a $2800 loss it sucks, but I'd rather get out when I feel like its time. Just like how I could have sold in the 120s but I waited until 116 and I am glad I did. People need to realize there is nothing wrong with this stock there is something wrong with the whole market. VMW doesn't go up anymore when the market is down like before. I haven't seen a calculated beta on this stock but I imagine it is very high and we could drop so fast that it is almost scary.

    • I think the institutions need to run the market up. They took a big hit in August (caught with their pants down).

      It is very possible to see a 14,000 Dow by years end.

      If that is true, VMW will be 120, easily. I bought heavily in August when the Dow was 12,500. I am buying heavily here.

      Whole Food Markets just realeased great earnings & guidance.

    • Hopefully Dow Jones slips again down to 12.7K point to make perfact three months double bottom. It could go further down if you want to wait and it may go up. One thing is very clear is VMW is totally market driven right now. Friday is a half day trading so whatever would be on that day's market actitivity I wouldn't count. The real game starts in next week though!!

    • August 2.0. I think we will have a typical closing rally to the end of the year (especially if the Fed cuts again) caused by massive overselling again. Everything after that is up in the air and will be driven by the damn financials. Unfortunately, even great stocks go down with the overall market.

      I decided last night that I am not touching anything, buying or selling. The market is just way too volatile and it needs a sense of direction before I do anything. I am not a trader and I am not going to start now...I am just looking through my portfolio (which mainly consists of VMW, AAPL, BHP, EWZ, GME, and MCD now) and have decided to leave things as they are. All of my companies/ETF's are profitable and will be for the foreseeable future. I have no doubt VMW will continue to produce an grow profits exponentially, but I agree that the overall market condition isn't conducive for anyone to determine entry points for ANYTHING. Just keep an eye to the future, the market will bounce back, things will stabilize and VMW will still be an awesome stock.

    • Too be honest I am not sure the people patrolling these boards are going to help with where the market is headed as the pro's are stating this is one of the most difficult markets to trade they have seen (some in their trading lifes). If they dont know....well average Joe on the message boards is just guessing. Buy the dips and sell the rips. My two cents...the bias is down longer term...short term due for end of year bounce.

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      • Good to hear someone at least talking sense on here. I know this probably is not the place to be asking intellectual questions, but I just am also just looking to see what people are thinking. My portfolio is only around 300k and I still work so daytrading can bite me in the ass since i can't devote 100% of my time to it. I have half of my portfolio in large cap high dividend stocks which I am comfortable with, but with all of this volatility I just can't see being long on a stock like this at this point.

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