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  • unclefreddy unclefreddy Dec 18, 2007 11:13 AM Flag

    The Poker Game


    is amusing to watch. The boys keep on grabbing profits from the likes of VMW, Goog , Rimm , AAPL and others to reposition allocations and then buy back lower . Will longs get bluffed out of the game or will they call to win the pot in 2008 ? Interesting watching this game , VMW Hold-em.

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    • Mark my words, VMW is the next Google. I am a technical person who uses VMWare products since 2003. The virtualization market is the name of the game. 10 servers cost 50K while 1 Server + VMware cost 10K and able to run 10-12 servers cheaper and more effectively. It's simple math. Soon everyone will understand and stop buying metals.

      As far as the day trading, the traders know it is a great & safe stock so they keep shorting it when ever they can.

      Still it is a great investment for the short as well as the long run. I can promise you.

      Microsoft is far behind, the only way to catch-up is to buy VMW. By the time MS will have the same product VMW will be embbeded in servers core.

      Cisco, Intel & EMC, knows there business, so does CITRIX who bought XEN.

      VMW is the future.

    • Ok but the last 5 years we've been in a bull market, we are not anymore. So to me she's nothing more than a shill at this point and time.

    • I want to know what idiots bought this over $120. It was overpriced at the IPO and it is just a matter of time before it is back there. P/S at 30, yeah right, P/E at 74, yeah right. P/B at 28, yeah right. Microsoft starts giving away the product as usual but people will pay more forever, yeah right.

    • forget all this nonsense. who has been the top software sector analyst the past 5 years? heather bellini of UBS. who's had more 5 stars for earnings estimate accuracy over the past 5 years? heather bellini of UBS. bottom line, she knows her stuff and her estimates have been dead-accurate.

      so when she says to buy, buy, and buy VMW if it goes lower than $97, then i listen and load up. been loading up at 92's yesterday and 86's today. i'm willing to bet that the UBS analyst will be dead-accurate with her 4Q estimate for VMW. good luck all!

    • Unclefreddy has no idea what he's doing, just ignore any of his analysis(if you want to call it that), I think he pulls out of his ass.

    • great analogy. i love it. i'm looking to get in but not sure where. i don't want to average down. i think next resistence is at $71. if i'm reading the chart right. i hope i'm reading it wrong... ha ha.

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      • You are 100 per cent correct. The manipulation is rampant you have no choice but to day trade these type of stocks.
        I remember a 7 (8/12/00) years back they had the owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban on CNBC. They asked him what stocks he was buying or selling. He replied I got out of the market years ago as it is a total PONZI scheme. From that day on I realized the market is manipulated.
        I have made almost $86,000 in the last 7 years day trading. I orignially started of with $10,000, my grandma left me. I lost half being long in SUNW (now JAVA) thinking that it would come back one day. (Never has, it just did a reverse split)
        I cannot believe Mark Cuban changed my way of thinking.I think if I was in the bathroom that fateful day and missed that segment on CNBC I would have about $3000.00

    • Put a sock in it you bozo. No one listens to any of the nonsense you let leak out of that piehole of yours.

      Why don't you just go take a nap or watch the Price Is Right?

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