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  • Machismo64 Machismo64 Jul 9, 2008 1:28 AM Flag

    Why I have not deployed VMWare in my shop

    Flat out--it is too expensive. It costs 4K or 5K per server for the licensing. It is a wonderful product with many advanced features, but these advanced features (such a vmotion) require SAN connectivity to take full advantage of them. So you end up buying and maintaining a SAN as part of your investment. SAN units are expensive, so I like to run them for a few years. I have some Clariions for another project and years 4 and 5 support on these SANs run $109,000 per year each. When you factor in your savings in HVAC and server utilization, you have the amortize the SAN that you otherwise would not need against this. It is also a poor investment on older equipment which I have a good deal of (hand-me-downs from our screaming fast production boxes that I use for infrastructure). So I have been running my low-volume stuff on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 without a hitch for years now including dhcp, domain controllers, and various other knick-knacks.

    I am eagerly awaiting the final version of Hyper-V. I tried Oracle's implementation of Xen, but had some trouble with it. Even if I don't like Hyper-V better than ESX (or Infrastructure), maybe the competition will bring VMWare's price down to below $1,000 per box. The price sure dropped on the old VMWare Server product when they got competition (to free). I am hoping the same will happen for me. Otherwise, I will probably implement Hyper-V if it is halfway decent.

    As for the stock, I will evaluate Hyper-V when the final version ships and perhaps buy VMW again after they cut the prices if VMW still has a much better product.

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