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  • cloud_dreamer cloud_dreamer Jan 21, 2011 12:38 PM Flag

    To PauI_m_33

    Looking at your past posts, it's clear that you insult a lot of people, and your insults are quite harsh, totally unwarrented, nasty, and extremely abusive. I know your type. You probably don't even own any VMW, judging from the emptiness of your posts. Rather you appear to be a simple sociopath who takes pleasure from trying to hurt others. Maybe there was something in your past where you suffered from abuse yourself. Perhaps you are just a small guy, or in someway a little off, and so you were bullied mercilessly. But the internet offers you a way to pay society back. Here you can cowardly insult, and lie, and scam, and threaten to your little dark heart's content without having to look the other person in the eye and take the consequences of your actions. You just flit from board to board, changing ids, seething with anger and hatred towards others, and that makes you feel like a big man. I suspect you receive messages like this frequently, but you just ignore or bury them, because deep down you don't want to confront the sad reality about yourself.

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    • What happened to $70? Dipsh!t

    • LOL... ohh puhleeeze don't bait the little trolls :)

    • Bought at $36. How is the view from your mom's basement?

    • I know that you had been on this board for quite a while, so you think that I bought at 97? Smart.

    • Did you buy this in the 90s too, when PauI was telling everybody it was a buying opportunity? Is that why you're so upset?

    • Oh okay, I'm gonna post trade confirmations to satisfy some some random moron on a messageboard. I posted my calls when I made them -- and I even told you about my Feb 85s. If PauI and his "friend in high places" weren't one-starring my posts, you could see them.

      On the bright side, even though you've lost all that money, at least you and PauI still have each other. Good luck.

    • Let's see a link to your trade confirmations, otherwise you didn't make crap and stfu.

    • It's pretty obvious you and whbog are the same guy so why even try to play your heavy handed games? I think you might also be the same guy who months ago cried like a girl because I called him an asschimp. Message boards get ugly. Live with it.

      • 1 Reply to hugeackman1
      • You're right, message boards get ugly, no big deal. I'm not cloud dreamer though, just FYI. I only have one ID, and I don't one-star people's posts AT ALL.

        So I'll keep telling you that VMW is way overpriced -- regardless of what comes out of earnings today -- and if you don't understand that -- like PauI_m_33 et al don't understand much of anything -- then you can't be helped. I'm holding Feb 85 puts that I've made 500% on in the last week. I sold some and I'm letting the rest ride through earnings.

        Keep hyping this pig without any regard for valuation at all. Really, I mean it. But to all the longs except PauI, I really hope you make a lot of money -- because even if my puts are worthless tomorrow, I've taken my profits.

    • I had tried not to get into this kind of affairs.

      Can you list Paul's aliases?

      I only know that osu-lin has a lot of aliases.

      Your ID is just a couple of days old?

      How did Paul insult others, particularly whbog?

      Insulting is often 2-way, but shorts more tend to insult longs. This stock is generally on an upward trend. Perhaps more than 98% of the shorts have been under water over the last two years. They got frustrated. They pretend to be others (experts or frustrated longs). Lol. They certainly have more rights throwing insults at longs, and longs shouldn't feel offended when we are robbing them of their money. ;-)

      • 2 Replies to hillmorgan46
      • You are obviously partial to PauI_m_33.

        "but shorts more tend to insult longs." -- That is completely false on this board.

        I came on the board and gave REASONS why the stock woulds go down, and the stock DID go down. What did I get in return? 10+ IDs zero-starring my posts within minutes (30+ later on) and many deleted posts as a result.

        PauI came on and basically admitted he was behind the starring along with a non-sensical threat, many insults, and not a single iota of rational discussion about VMW, purportedly the subject of "discussion" on this board.

        The entire thread is there for you to see if you simply change your ratings to 1-star. The facts are clear as day, and they support me and others in this.

        So if you refuse to look at facts here, I really can't help you.

        As far as who is underwater, that's another matter entirely. I made a large amount of money in the last few days on VMW, and I posted my calls AT THE TIME when I made them. I make my trades with options generally. If a trade goes against me, I bail or I reverse it. This one did very well.

        But I have NEVER read a single sentence from you or your "ally" PauI_m_33 that would qualify as an argument or a justification for VMW's current valuation. In fact, I've read nothing even remotely adult from you or him. If you make a rational argument, keeping in mind that VMW is richly valued, I will listen, and it may even result in a long position on my part. As for PauI_m_33, I have him on ignore because he's incapable of being an adult.

      • hello Hill

        You seem like a more decent guy, and you sure don't have to get involved in this. I don't use the bulletin boards much, but I'm real long on VMW and its technology, and thought I would stop in to read some interesting posts. Instead I find "Paul." I have no idea of his other aliases, I just don't like bullies. I don't think he speaks for VMware, or the VMW longs. That kind of abuse doesn't belong here. (Did you read his threat to get somebody's IP, ISP, and then contact their workplace? Very bizarre, to say the least.) Don't worry, I'm not going to be a pain here, this board isn't what I expected. Good luck to you, good investing, and go VMW!

    • I only insult one person and that's the one behind your ID.... and to be fair to me, I really don't use profanity or get vulgar. I just cut down to the chase and cut you down emotionally and physically. As your previous post indicates, it seems I have done that to this incarnation of your ID too :)

      If you are a true long, you would actually love what I have to say. But you are not, you are the same attention junkie who has a need to star himself and gets upset at one star rankings.

      Listen Bud, some of us have friends in high places.. trust me when I say, I know every form and every ID you take on this forum.

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