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  • virtualgh0st virtualgh0st Mar 25, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Julia Bort and that Barron's charlatan do "hits" for the Dons at HQ


    they are English majors that learned how to spell virtualization and openstack

    they have never written a line of code in their lives and call the helpdesk when the printer is out of paper.

    if you made money, take the money and run

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    • I have seen this in every publication out there - whether it's technology, investing, or some other subject. These people are first journalists, and then they try to make themselves out to be subject matter experts and investing geniuses, when clearly they are not. You already know about our buddy Tiernan over at Barron's, and Tom Konrad who writes for Forbes is another.

      Unfortunately, the way "investors" and the markets work these days, you can say whatever you like, whether it is the truth, an exaggeration, misleading, or a complete lie - nobody cares or does anything about it. But, so long as you can capture eyeballs, and you see the stock move in reaction to what you've written, then you've done your job. It is totally pathetic. You just have to learn to play by the new rules of the game. Take no prisoners and do what you have to. Nothing is off limits.

      The smart ones will do as you suggest - they've already covered and have moved on. What you get now are the wannabe's, who are always following, late to the party, and feast on whatever scraps are leftover. We saw that last time VMW was hit. They'll come out of the woodwork tonight and tomorrow and flood the board same as last time.

      I'm still waiting for Tiernan's article and the fallout before buying back my shares.

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